University Policies and Procedures

This page collects and maintains the written policies and procedures that apply to all or to groups within the campus community. It is intended as a reference. For further information about workplace policies, contact Human Resources. For further information about student life policies, consult the Student Handbook or the Dean of Student Life Office, the Faculty Handbook and the University ByLaws .

Positive Workplace Hotline
St. Lawrence University considers employee concerns very important and offers its cooperation in resolving issues promptly and fairly. To this end, the University strongly encourages employees to report concerns directly through existing lines of communication.  The Positive Workplace Hotline (PWH), while it does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods on campus, provides one more avenue, as an anonymous Web- or telephone connection to report alleged violations related to financial matters, human resources and health and safety issues.

Policy Development Policy
The University's procedure by which new policies are developed and considered by the campus community.

A policy is generally a broad guideline or rule for governance of behavior within the campus community. 

A procedure is an administrative rule that governs business practices on campus.

Employment and Benefits Policies and Procedures

12-Month Absence Policy
Acceptable / Professional Behavior in the Workplace
Anti-nepotism Policy
Benefits to Dependents of Deceased Faculty and Administrative Staff
Background Checks in the Hiring Process Procedure
Closings / Time off from Scheduled Work
Confined Workspace Communication and Training Policy      
Deaccession Policy
Drug Free Workplace Policy
Employee Indemnification Policy
Executive Compensation Policy
Exempt Sick Time and Leave Policy
Exempt: Vacation Policy
Expectations of Honesty for Employees
Exposure Control Plan for Occupational Exposure to Blood-borne Pathogens
Faculty and Staff Housing Policy
Family Medical Leave Act
Hazardous Materials Communications Policy
Human Resources Policies Homepage
Visa Sponsorship Policy
Medical Transport of Employees procedure
Minimum Age for Employment
Modified Duty Program
Paid Family Leave Benefits Policy
Parental Leave Program for Administrators, Confidentials, Executive Secretaries and Technicians
Parental Leave Policy for Faculty
Performance Management Policy
Prevention of Occupational Exposure to an Airborne Infectious Disease
Reproductive Health Decision Making Policy (NYS mandate)
Salary Policy for Faculty (2016, effective 2017-2021)
Staff as Members of Committees
Summer Employment Hiring Policy - Minimum Age
Vacation Policy for Non-Faculty Exempt Staff

Equity Policies and Procedures

ADA Grievance Procedure
Bias Incident Reporting
Discriminatory Harassment Policy
Hearing Board for Complaints of Discriminatory Harassment
Service and Assistance Animal Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Campus Life Policies and Procedures

Alcohol Use During Events
Conference and Meeting Guidelines and Policy
Fire Safety Procedure 
Inclement Weather Guidelines
Motor Vehicle and Parking Policy
Mass Communications Policy
Room Usage
Pets on campus policy
Smoking Policy
Space Usage/Holiday Decorating for Faith Practices
Vendors, Credit Card Companies and Marketing on campus
Weapons Policy

Business and Resource Use Policies and Procedures

Acceptable Use of Computing Resources
Accounting and Accounts Payable Procedures
Cell Phone Expense Stipend Program
Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest for Senior Financial Managers
Conflict of Interest Policy for "Key Employees" as defined by New York State
Conflict of Interest Policy for Sponsored Activities
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Guidelines
Donations Policy
Independent Contractor Agreement
Identity Theft Policy
Information Security Program
Mobile Devices Policy
Records Retention Procedures
Reduced Idling of Vehicles on Campus
Spousal Travel Procedure
Time and Effort Reporting for Federally Funded Sponsored Activities
Travel Policy
Use of University Resources
Vehicle Policy
Wireless Communication 

Communications and Information Policies

Protocol on Requests for Information regarding Alumni, Parents and Friends
University Seal Usage Policy
Web Standards

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Updated November 2021