Medical Transport of Employees Procedure

Procedure on Transport of an Employee for Medical Treatment

Employees who need to leave work due to illness or injury, particularly to go to an emergency room or to seek medical attention, should be transported by the Rescue Squad or personally chosen transport, such as a friend or a cab.  Normally another employee, including management staff, should not leave work to provide that transportation. *

A pick-up from the emergency room or other medical facility is, likewise, the responsibility of the employee by making arrangements for personal transport through a family member, friend, or cab/bus.

The medically related and transport services of the Health Center, First Responders, and Security and Safety are provided for students.  In a serious emergency these offices/programs will assist an employee until the Rescue Squad can take over but should not be expected to be the primary assistance service for employees.

* Exceptions may be warranted due to family relationships. An employee who is leaving to provide transport for another employee must have approval from his/her supervisor and provides the transport as a personal matter, not as part of his/her work, and is on his/her own time. For instance, if two family members both work for the University and are both at work when one of them needs transport, the other employee may be released from work by the supervisor to provide the transport on his/her own time.