Telemedicine Benefits

The Doctor Will See You Now. Wherever. Whenever.

Telemedicine gives you fast access to medical care 24/7/365, from the comfort of your home, desk or hotel room.  Through Excellus’s partnership with MDLIVE, you’ll receive the same quality of care you receive from your own doctor, but more conveniently via your phone, tablet or computer.  

When to use telemedicine?

  • Instead of going to urgent care or the emergency room for minor and non-life threatening conditions
  • Whenever your primary care doctor is not available
  • If you live in a rural area and don’t have access to nearby care
  • When you’re traveling for work or on vacation

Don’t wait until you need it.  Here are some easy ways to activate telemedicine today.

              WEB:     Register/Log in at

              APP:      Download the MDLIVE app

              TEXT:    Text EXCELLUS to 635483

              VOICE:  Call 1-866-692-5045       

For those employees enrolled in the Hybrid Health Plan, there is no co-pay at any time during the plan year.  During the state of emergency, all telemedicine visits will be covered in full for those employees enrolled in the HDHP. Members will have no cost share.