It’s up to each of us, collectively and individually, to create a campus environment that is safe, respectful, and nurturing, helping all students and employees fulfill their promise.

Because harassment and discrimination are contrary to a safe, respectful, and nurturing campus, St. Lawrence prohibits any form of harassment and discrimination

See Discriminatory Harassment Based on Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Age, and All Other Protected Identities Policy

We know that sexual violence, the most serious and egregious form of gender discrimination and harassment, can happen anywhere and it’s up to each of us to create an environment that prevents behaviors that threaten a caring, residential community.

This website has many resources to help Laurentians understand St. Lawrence's policies preventing sexual misconduct  and discriminatory harassment of any type, our resources for assisting those who experience such behavior, our procedures for investigating and adjudicating cases, and our programs to help prevent it.