Aerial of campus

Explore Our Campus

Tree houses in our library. Student creativity on display in our art gallery. Miles of trails to explore on two feet, two wheels, or a pair of skis. Themed cottages for students to live, gather and exchange ideas. Tucked away spots for studying and wide open spaces for yoga, outdoor movie nights, or weekend barbecues. There’s so much to explore in our corner of the North Country and we know you’ll find your own corner on our campus.

Richardson Hall

A Campus With History

The rich history of our campus is alive in many of our favorite buildings. Our oldest, Richardson Hall, was built in 1856 and housed the dining room, chapel, classrooms, and dormitory space in the University’s early years. It is one of 11 campus spaces listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Gunnison Chapel spire

Chapel Bells

From the athletic fields to Herring Cole, you can hear the chapel bells ringing daily at 5 p.m. In addition to our school songs, you're likely to hear pop culture favorites and the occasional Happy Birthday. It's a new mix every day depending on the bell ringer!

Laurentians in hammocks

Hammocks Hanging Out

When it comes to preferred seating options on campus, hammocks are second only to Adirondack chairs among our students. They’re a regular sight in the fall and a sure sign of warm days ahead in the spring.

Meadow in front of the Johnson Hall of Science

Low-Mow Zones

Intended to preserve natural wildlife habitats on campus, designated low-mow zones are alive with bees, wildflowers, and birds.


Students with instruments in front of the Arts Annex

Live Music

Stoop shows at the Arts Annex showcase student performers and are the perfect way to unwind after a week of classes. Across campus, the student-run Java Barn comes alive every weekend with live music and plenty of snacks. 

Students standing in front of trees

1:1 Student-to-Tree Ratio

At St. Lawrence, there’s a tree with your name on it (at least for four years)--there when you need a shady space to study or a place to hang your hammock.

Student jumping on snowboard

Winter Adventures Close to Home

When temperatures drop, the boots, skis, sleds, and snowboards come out. Don’t be surprised if you find snowshoe tracks alongside footprints on your walk to class.

Fans cheering at Appleton Arena

Here We Go, Saints!

With 35 varsity athletic programs, there’s plenty to cheer for. Saints love to support their friends on and off the playing field in every season.


Student working in tree house in the library

Elevated Study Spaces

It turns out a little elevation can be good for the brain. For a different perspective and fewer distractions, climb up into one of our treehouses among the stacks in Owen D. Young Library.

Sullivan Student Center

Sullivan Student Center

The hub of student life at the heart of our campus. Pick up your mail in the morning, order lunch to go in the afternoon, attend a club meeting in the evening, and finish up the day in your favorite quiet study spot on the third floor.

Students taking out canoes

1,000 Acres of Adventure

Watch the sunset over the golf course. Take a relaxing hike close to home on the Kip Trail. Rent a canoe and spend an afternoon paddling the Little River. Or simply find a quiet place to take in the beauty of every season.

Adventures Around Campus
Laurentian dancing

Arts and Entertainment on Campus

See what your peers are creating at the Brush Art Gallery or give a round of applause for friends in our fall and spring productions. Spend weeknights rehearsing with SLU Funk and weekends dancing at the Java Barn, our student-run music venue.

Get Creative With Us
Java House

Themed Living

Each of our theme cottages has its own charm and each offers something unique. Live alongside those with whom you share a common interest while hosting events and workshops for our entire community.

Learn About Housing
Johnson Hall of Science

Explore Our Green Buildings

Geothermal heating. A campus permaculture garden. The first LEED-certified building in New York State. Environmental responsibility is an element of design in many of our campus buildings and features.

Take the Tour

Experience Campus in the Fall

Empowering professors. Adventurous treks. Rustling leaves. Take a minute and experience what campus is like during the fall.

Winter at St. Lawrence

Crunching snow, the siren at Appleton Arena, and happy Laurentians. Experience the sights and sounds of winter in the North Country.