St. Lawrence University values diverse experiences and perspectives and strives to fully include everyone who engages with the University. This includes a commitment to providing access to all of our digital content in a manner that everyone can experience it, including people with special needs. The University has a long history of commitment to accessibility, dating back to an initial set of principles and guidelines regarding the public website authored in 2002.

Accessibility Issues

If you encounter content on our website that you are having difficulty consuming, please contact Upon request by an end-user, the University will reasonably remediate all such materials within three business days, subject to an interactive process if warranted.  If, however, it can be documented that such remediation cannot be reasonably accomplished within three business days, the University will promptly enter into an interactive process with the requestor to determine an appropriate accommodation, or an alternative, and a reasonable timeframe.


Creating Accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word

Making Accessible, Fillable PDF Forms

Accessibility Processes and Procedures