Logos and Licensing

St. Lawrence University’s visual identity is an expression of our institutional brand. Consistent representation of this expression helps solidify name recognition, a fundamental element of institutional positioning.

University and Departmental Logos 

The Brand Identity Guide for academic and administrative departments documents official logos, colors, and typography. (Please note Athletics utilizes the Spirit Brand Identity Guide.)

If your department is in need of a departmental mark, or if you have questions about what marks are available for your use, please contact Adam Gordon at agordon@stlawu.edu.

If you or your department is in need of digital letterhead, please submit a creative request form. 

Licensing Program

St. Lawrence University’s licensing program is a critical component of the University’s overall branding efforts. The program helps protect, promote, and support the St. Lawrence’s reputation and image as one of the top liberal arts universities in the country.

Any vendor or crafter creating apparel and merchandise bearing St. Lawrence’s protected name and/or marks, whether for on-campus departments, student organizations, or for third-party vendors to sell online or in store, must be approved as an official licensee.

Licensed vendors producing apparel and merchandise will be required to pay a royalty fee to use any of the University’s protected names, terms or marks. Merchandise being produced for official use by internal departments, offices, and student organizations is not subject to a royalty fee except in instances where the merchandise is being resold, including fundraisers. 

All artwork, including apparel and merchandise for internal use, must go through the appropriate approval process before being produced.

University Communications manages St. Lawrence’s licensing program. If you have questions, please contact Adam Gordon at agordon@stlawu.edu

Current Licensees

Departments, organizations and external vendors must only use an approved current licensee to produce their apparel/merchandise. 

Become an Official Licensee 

As of July 1, 2020, St. Lawrence University’s licensing administration partner is Nexus Licensing Group. Begin the application process to become an official licensee. Please note that this process can take up to a week (sometimes longer in rare cases).

For vendors with questions about the process, please contact Brian Young at Nexus Licensing Group at byoung@nexuslicensinggroup.com or 508-535-5464.

Royalty-Bearing Items

All items produced for retail sale, whether in part or whole, are subject to our current royalty rate; no exceptions.

Items produced for internal use, including by student groups, are generally royalty-free. However, there are circumstances in which the royalty fee is applied. Orders placed by any University entity, including student groups, that will be sold at cost or for a profit are considered royalty-bearing. 

Single-Order Licenses

Even though branded consumable products require use of a St. Lawrence licensed vendor, there are instances when the product is so uncommon and/or infrequently purchased (for example, a customized graduation cake) that a licensed vendor is not available. In these rare cases, a single-order approval will be issued. Please contact Adam Gordon at agordon@stlawu.edu for approval. 

Crafters License 

This license is for those interested in selling handmade merchandise that includes St. Lawrence University's name, image, or likeness. These goods may be sold either online, in a shop or space that is owned by the creator, or in temporary spaces such as craft shows and fairs. For products sold in these venues as well as in additional retail spaces, a full license is required. 

This license includes a flat fee and has to be renewed annually (July 1-June 30). Products and designs are subject to approval and must abide by the University's brand guidelines. Please contact Adam Gordon at agordon@stlawu.edu for information on how to apply for this license. 

Custom New York State License Plate

New York State residents are now able to order custom St. Lawrence license plates from the New York DMV.