Closings / Time off from Scheduled Work

There are times when repairs, both planned or unexpected, or uncontrollable conditions, can substantially alter the working conditions in an area. For instance, Facilities Operations may need to shut down all but emergency power to some buildings for a repair. Incidents like lightning can take out power, or a water problem such as flooding may develop.
When a work area is changed such that normal work cannot continue the supervisor has the following options:

If there are ANY concerns for safety supervisors should remove staff from the affected area and seek assistance from Safety & Security;

  • Supervisors can allow staff to work in the same location on projects that can be accomplished, such as filing or collating;
  • Supervisors can have staff continue work in an alternate location;
  • Supervisors can release staff from work. Staff can

      - choose to take that as unpaid time off, or

      - can make arrangements as approved by the supervisor to make up the time, or

      - can use benefit time, such as vacation time, to cover that time off*.

  • An employee who is released from work can be paid as if at work ONLY when the University has been officially closed per order of the President. **

*NOTE: When summer hours are in effect and an employee’s paid time for a day is less than 7 hours, for any reason, the summer .5 cannot be claimed on the timesheet.
Please contact HR [5596] with questions or concerns.

** The University is officially closed only by order of the President or his/her designee.

Updated May, 2014