Day Conference and Meeting Guidelines and Policies

St. Lawrence University Dining & Conference Services Day Conference and Meeting Guidelines/Policies Academic School Year


Various groups reserve space at St. Lawrence University during the academic school year (Fall First Year Program Orientation – Commencement). This policy will clarify which groups can reserve space at St. Lawrence University and who should be charged for the use of this space.


Space will be reserved for groups whose programs fit into and do not interrupt the educational mission of the University, either for academic or community relations purposes. Anyone desiring to schedule an event on the following key university weekends must first have that cleared by the organizers of these weekends: Orientation, Alumni-Homecoming Weekends, Trustee meetings, Family Weekend, Admissions weekends and Commencement.

Non-St. Lawrence conference groups must be sponsored by a member of the St. Lawrence University community. The purpose for the event being held by the outside groups must fall under the University’s educational mission. There should be a direct connection between the outside organization requesting space and the university. The sponsor should be present at the event as a presenter or participant. The space reserved by these groups will be tentatively held up to 90 days prior to the event, since a university event has first priority for the space. Ninety (90) days prior to the event, the university will commit to a space for the group

The University reserves the right to refuse use of space to groups for any reason. All groups must gain approval from the Associate Director or the Director of Dining and Conference Services to utilize space at St. Lawrence University.

St. Lawrence University Groups

University groups may reserve space at no charge. University groups will be defined as members of academic departments and programs, intercollegiate athletic teams, administrative offices, regular and ad hoc University committees, recognized athletic clubs and intramural programs, student organizations recognized by Thelmo and the Student Activities and Leadership office, students reserving space for academic department sponsored projects (research, senior), recognized groups of parents and alumni, and Associated Colleges programs.

These groups shall have first priority for use, but scheduling shall not interfere with the normal operational and academic schedule of the University.

The following groups will be charged for use of space at St. Lawrence University.

Community Groups

Community groups are welcome to rent University space, when available, with the approval to use the facility by Associate Director or the Director of Dining and Conference Services. A community group exists independent of the University and may or may not include University employees or students. However, to rent University space, a community group should have a University employee, student group or office sponsor, and at least one person from the University should be present at the event.

Newly recognized room usage fees:

Full Day = $150 per room
Half Day = $99.00 per room
Hourly (less than 4 hours) = $15.00 for normal classroom use, per room. No setup required.
Hourly (less than 4 hours) = $25.00 for any space that requires a setup. (Eben, Dean Eaton, Herring Cole, Sykes, or any Auditorium space.)

Eben Holden: $450 per day.  (If the day before is needed and overtime is incurred, additional charges may apply.)