Room Usage Policy

Facility Usage Guidelines for Non-Academic Spaces


To provide uniform guidelines for the usage of various non-academic university facilities for meetings, presentations, receptions and meals during the academic year. The non-academic spaces enumerated below should not be scheduled for regular classes, with the exception of Noble Center; occasional use for a class is acceptable but not regular use. Regular use by a particular group for meetings will be discouraged as well. The intention is to allow these spaces to be flexible and available for a wide variety of constituencies. Because the furnishings of these spaces are meant to provide a comfortable atmosphere, the appropriate usage will be determined by those who schedule the spaces.

Space will be reserved as long as it does not interrupt the academic and educational mission of the University. Outside conference groups must be sponsored by a member of the SLU community who is intimately involved in the conception of and participates in the execution of the program, and approval must be obtained from the sponsor’s vice-presidential level division head. The program must also fit the educational mission of the University—either for academic or community relations purposes. There is a $150 room usage fee per room, per day.

All rooms, unless otherwise noted, should be reserved through Conference Services - Room Reservations at 229-5996 or

Athletic Facilities:

Appleton - East Side Reception Room

This space is reserved with the secretary for the arena (x5696).

A conference / lounge area in Appleton Arena that overlooks the university’s sports complex. This space is available for athletic department meetings, coaches to meet with prospective students, and for Presidential events. Wireless capability.

Augsbury Lobby and Augsbury Conference Room 112

This space will be scheduled through the Augsbury secretary, x5423. Wireless capability.

Augsbury 124

Electronic Classroom for 25-30. Wireless capability.

Augsbury 124b – Upper Level Back Office (Dotty Hall Room)

This room can accommodate 10-12 people with existing tables. Wireless capability.

Multipurpose Room - Using rounds seats 140, Banquet style seats 160, Theater style seats 200; reserved through R. Durocher x5415.

Newell Lobby Area - Sit Down 70, Reception 100; reserved through the Fitness Director x5415.

Brush Alumni House

This space is reserved by emailing The formal dining room seats 10 comfortably. There is also a formal living room and outside deck area where small receptions for 25 people and 15 people, respectively, can be held. When the whole living area is utilized, it can accommodate 40 people. For more information visit Wireless capability.

Dean Eaton Lounge

Priority to general reservations as social and meeting room space. It is equipped with a TV-VCR and computer cart with internet access. Maximum capacity is 80 for a sit-down dinner and 75 for theater-style seating and receptions. Possible use would be new faculty / staff orientation and occasional meetings/luncheons/dinners.
Wireless capability.

Diana B. Torrey Health and Wellness Center

Health Center Multipurpose Room #102 – Health Center first priority, secretary x5392. Seats 25 at tables; available from 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Eben Holden Center

This is a large multipurpose space, which has ADA accessible restrooms plus an elevator to transport people between the upper and lower levels. Four separate rooms are available. Three of these rooms are connected to allow for a large event such as a dance. Wireless capability.

Eben Main Area

Can be reserved for dances, large catered events (250 sit-down), meetings, and performances. Screens and trees are available to add a warmer atmosphere. Encourage student dances to be moved to Student Center. Media closet holds computer hardware with wireless access.

Eben North and Eben South

These are large open rooms which can accommodate 102 theater-style seats, and 72 to 120 people for a sit-down meal depending on type of tables and service requested. Computer and TV hook-ups available as well as phone capabilities. Wireless capability; hard wire internet access in Eben North only.

Eben Upstairs Conference Room

This room can accommodate 40 - 60 people for meetings and meals. This room has computer and TV capabilities.

Gunnison Chapel

Reserved through the Chaplain, x5256 and Conference Services, x5996. Capacity is 700.  Wireless capability.

Hepburn and Bloomer Auditorium

Capacity for Hepburn is 190 and 170 for Bloomer. Wireless capability.

Herring Cole

This heritage building, the second oldest on the St. Lawrence campus and on the National Register of Historic Places, is divided into two large distinctive rooms; the Cole Reading Room and the Feinstone Room.  Both rooms were recently renovated owing to the generosity and vision of Laurentian donors.  An ADA accessible restroom is now located on the main floor.

The Cole Reading Room, by way of long tradition, has been designated as quiet study space during the academic year.  It may not be reserved for other purposes than individual desk work and reading.  Near silence is the courteous norm.

The Feinstone Room, entered by the original west-facing front door from the perspective of Park Street and University Avenue, may be reserved with the approval of the President's Office.  This event room may be used for such purposes as campus cultural events, honor society inductions, university ceremonies, special lectures, one-time classes or joint class meetings, and appropriately quiet receptions (after all, it was once a library).  The room can accommodate no more than 50 seats arranged "theater style."  Catering is limited to refreshments that will ensure the décor is not stained.  Requests may be directed to the President's Office; arrangements for approved functions are then handled by Conference Services.

Griffiths Art Center / Noble Center

Richard F. Brush Art Gallery

This space is reserved with the Gallery Director (x5174). It must be reserved well in advance of your event. Wireless capability.

The gallery is primarily used for art exhibits and receptions. The small interior gallery tends to feel on the cool side regarding temperature and humidity due to the climate control systems that protect the artwork.

There is an office CD and tape player with four speakers in the gallery or live music can be arranged.  A new music sound system is being designed by Michael Farley from the music department.

Events, such as receptions and meetings, should be appropriate for the space in order to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the exhibitions on display.

Miles Theater (Griffiths Black Box)

Scheduled through the Production Manager for PCA, x5182.

This is a large rectangular room without windows. It is totally black. Student performances are held in this space. Maximum capacity is 110 people. Wireless capability.

Gulick Theater

This space is reserved with Production Manager for PCA, x5182.

Seating capacity is 350 seats in the main area and 150 seats in the balcony.

Ireland Green Room – Seating capacity for 16. Wireless capability.  These spaces cannot be reserved, but are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Ireland Room Student Lounge – Seating capacity for 30. Reception - 50

Note: All of Noble Center has wireless capability. Noble Center spaces are scheduled primarily for classes only.  Call x5166 to reserve Noble Room 001-109.  Call x5996 to reserve Rooms 221-228.

Noble Center

This is primarily a student class room space which can be reserved, if classes are not in session.

Noble Center 001

This room is a rehearsal and performance room with priority use given to the Music Dept.

Noble Center 002 Oral Presentation Studio

This room is a Video/digital image studio with priority use given to Speech & Theater and the Gallery.

Noble Center 107 Movement Studio

This room has a special dance floor and priority use is given to Speech & Theater.

Noble Center 109 William Randolph Hearst Studio

This room is a rehearsal room used mainly by the PCA department.  This room may used by others, if time allows.

Noble Center 221

This is a medium classroom (24 max) with wireless technology cart. Priority use is given to the Arts Department and arts related FYP/FYS.

Noble Center 222

Class/meeting room with a white board, wireless network connection and TV/VCR. Room capacity is 18 for Conference style, 18 for U-shape, 25 for square and theater style capacity is 50. Classroom capacity is 24.

Noble Center 225, 226, 227

These rooms are e-class/meeting rooms in the Noble center. Student and staff may schedule meetings. The Board of Trustees also uses them for committee meetings. Room capacity for Room 225 is 12 at existing table, plus 8 in soft furniture. Room capacity for 226 is 10 at existing table and room capacity for 227 is 10 on soft furniture. Conference style could seat 25.  Wireless capability.

Noble Center 228

Screen and table with 10-12 chairs. More chairs can be brought in.  Wireless capability.

Kirk Douglas Residence Hall

No lounge spaces will be reserved during the academic year.

ODY Library - All of ODY Library has wireless capability.

ODY Library rooms are reserved with the secretary for the library (x5454), unless otherwise specified.


A university ID card is needed to access this space.  Faculty and Staff may use during library hours.  There is a desk, comfortable couches and chairs, and a conference room table (seats 10 comfortably) in the room, along with a computer projection system.  There is a small kitchenette connected to this room.
This room is reserved through the secretary for the library, x-5454.

Launders - The following rooms in Launder’s Science Library are reserved with the library assistant (x5400).

Launders 211

This is a classroom space and meeting space. It is equipped with a computer cart and permanent podium, overhead screen and projector. There is a large 126” table which cannot be moved in the center of the room. Wireless capability.

Launders 313

This room is a GIS computer classroom lab space to seat 11 within Launders Library.  Reserved through x5825.

Payson Hall

These spaces are reserved with the secretary for Admissions, x-5226. Wireless capability.  The conference room has a TV screen available and has webinar capabilities.

Conference Room

Located on the second floor and can accommodate 10-12 people at a large conference table.

The Quad

Primarily a student space.  Requests for the use of this space will be reviewed by Student Activities staff.

Richardson Hall

Delmage Room 101

This room is reserved with the secretary for the English Dept. (x5125). A comfortable room with a home library atmosphere; room capacity is 14. Wireless capability.

Sullivan Student Center - All spaces have wireless capability.

Reservations made with the office of Student Activities and Leadership (SAL), x5755.
First priority for space in the Student Center is student use, although priority will also be given to Board of Trustees meetings and the coordinators of other major weekends, e.g. Admissions, Family Weekend, Orientation, Homecoming, Commencement and Reunion. 

Atrium, Lisa Mazzola Cania Alumni Council Campus Room #332, Outdoor Patio

These spaces can be reserved by groups with a particular purpose in mind, but not closed off to students, faculty and staff who are in the building.

John W. Hannon, Jr. Room #322

Purpose of this room is to allow the following organizations space for their business meetings - Thelmo, Faculty Council meetings, Alumni Council Executive Council and the Board of Trustees. Additional uses – Vice-Presidential sponsored meetings only, including Priorities & Planning, Professional Standards committees. Room capacity is 40 conference style and 58 seminar style seating.  (14 tables of 6 Max)  Furniture cannot be removed from the room. 

Meeting Rooms
Room #336 – Room capacity is 14
Monaco Room #242 (Career Services Priority) – Room capacity is 10-16 people
Crandall Room #232 (Student Life Priority) – Room capacity is 10-14 people.

Winston Room #124

Large multi-purpose room with sound/projection booth and portable stage for movies, lectures, comedians, performers, etc. This space can be reserved by groups with a particular purpose in mind, but not closed off to students, faculty and staff who are in the building.

Sykes Common

This room contains a baby grand piano in a formal atmosphere. On a limited basis Sykes would be available for some formal receptions. Priority will be given to Presidential events, Admissions, Writer’s Series and Special Event weekends. Reserved through Elaine White, x5311, in coordination with Room Reservations, x5996.

Maximum capacity for theater-style events is 100, and 70 for buffet-style and served meal, and 100 people for a stand-up reception. Wireless capability.  Furniture cannot be removed from the room.

Faculty Staff Dining Room

Available for Faculty and Staff meetings except from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm on Monday – Friday. Wireless capability.

The Dean’s room

This is a separate space inside the faculty / staff dining room and can be reserved by faculty and staff during meal times. Room capacity is 8. Wireless capability.


Vilas 210

This room is reserved with the secretary for Development, x5582.

A medium sized meeting room, which can accommodate 20-25 people. Various staff meetings are held here. Seats 10-12 in a square formation. Wireless capability.

Vilas G-12a

This room is reserved with the secretary for Human Resources, x5596. Room capacity is 8. Wireless capability.

Off-Site Facilities

Newell Boathouse in Waddington

This space is reserved through the Athletic Department for the months of April through October. The facility is closed from November through March.

Priority for this space is given to the athletic crew team, other athletic teams and athletic department functions. The space can accommodate up to 25 people. It is to be reserved for university internal groups only, such as department retreats, when the space is available.

Due to the distance from campus, it is to be used on a “Carry In, Carry Out” basis, and should be left at a minimum as clean as it was found. In general, St. Lawrence University Dining Services and Facilities Operations will not assist in events held at the facility unless special permission is received from the President’s Office. The University’s alcohol policy applies to this facility.

Wachmeister Field Station

This space is reserved through the secretary in Biology - x5294.