Catering Policy

To be careful managers of the resources of the University, university funds are not to be used to purchase food and beverages for meetings and gatherings of faculty and staff—“working meals,” snacks, or refreshments. Presidential events and on-campus catering for student events, though subject to new levels of consideration, will continue.

All catering and entertainment expenditures must have prior approval of the respective vice president. Budget managers and those planning events are asked to be especially conservative in their requests and to make them only when catering is in some way essential to the success of the event.

Given the risks inherent in serving food and beverages on the University campus, and given the required compliance with New York State Health Department regulations, all on-campus catering and serving of food and beverage, either paid for by the University or offered to a constituency greater than a particular residence (i.e. group sponsored theme meals, recognition banquets etc.) must be planned, and carried out by or in certain cases in collaboration with St. Lawrence University Dining Services (229-5996). University Dining services is the licensed food service provider.

From time to time the schedule and/or volume of requests of Dining Services may require the assistance of outside caterers. Outside caterers must be licensed by the New York State Health department and approved by University Dining services. Arrangements with approved outside caterers will be made in coordination with University Dining Services.

The University recognizes the importance of group sponsored theme meals prepared and served by the various student groups. The New York state health department requires that such meals must be prepared in an approved commercial kitchen under the supervision of a licensed food service operation. With prior planning and scheduling, dining services staff will work with students to prepare food in the Dana Dining Center kitchen, for their special meals. (Small meals limited to members of individual residential theme houses or floors may be prepared independently, within the Residential Life regulations for the particular residence.

Updated March 2013