Parental Leave for Administrators, Confidentials, Executive Secretaries and Technicians

Eligibility: this program applies to Administrator (exempt/non-faculty), Confidential,   Executive Secretary and Technician women and men who are in full-time, benefits-eligible positions.

SHORT TERM DISABILITY WITH FULL PAY: A short term disability leave with full pay, based on the medical condition of giving birth, is available to any FT administrative, confidential or executive secretary staff woman per the short term disability program. The individual will be given time off with full pay for the amount of time (generally six to eight weeks) due to childbirth as certified by a medical care provider via a disability claim form.



Birth or adoption of a child qualifies a parent to six weeks parental leave with full pay and benefits.

Notes for application:

1. Approval of the divisional senior staff member is required.

2. Birth mothers may utilize the parental leave program in addition to the short-term disability program.

3. If both parents are employed at St. Lawrence University, both may exercise their right to utilize the parental leave program.  Meaning, both parents may each take a six week parental leave with full pay and benefits.

4. The parental leave program must be exercised within one year of the birth or adoption.

5. Parental leaves exercised under this program will run concurrently with the Family Medical Leave Act and the NYS Paid Family Leave Program when applicable, for those who qualify.

10/26/2012 ESG

Rev. 1.2018