Cell Phone Subsidy Authorization 2016

SLU wants to encourage productivity and accessibility of its staff but wants to ensure it is done in an efficient manner.

Full-time college employees requiring use of a cell phone for their jobs are eligible to receive supplemental compensation if the employee’s job requires him or her to be readily accessible as part of their job and/or their job requires frequent travel.  

As of July 1, 2016, for annual renewals going forward every July, employees deemed eligible are those to which the following may apply:

•           Safety requirements indicate having cellular phone is an integral part of performing duties of the employee’s job description.

•           More than 50% of the employee’s work is conducted in the field:  travel duty or off-campus responsibilities.

•           The employee is required to be reachable outside designated work hours for safe functioning of the University.

If the employee’s supervisor deems that it is necessary for the employee to maintain a mobile communication device in order to effectively carry out job responsibilities, the employee’s supervisor will request supplemental payment from their divisional Vice President for approval.  If approved, the divisional Vice President will forward to Human Resources for payment processing. 

Employees may receive $50 monthly reimbursement toward their costs.  This is considered taxable compensation.

The payment amount is expected to offset but not completely cover user costs recognizing that some use will be of a personal nature. 

Approved employee supplemental payments will be paid to the employee from the respective departmental account on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on the employee’s pay schedule) and employees who receive supplemental payments are not allowed to submit additional reimbursement requests for mobile services.   Employees are responsible for their own mobile contracts with service providers and are not the responsibility of the College.  

An inventory of approved supplemental payments for employees will be maintained by Human Resources and a review of all agreements will occur on an annual basis.  Changes to an employee’s duties that result in changes to the amount of supplemental payment will require supervisor, divisional VP, and HR review and approval.  If the employee terminates employment with the college, the payment will end the month of termination.

Certain departments may have special needs that justify departmental ownership of cell phones. The services for these phones are paid directly by the department/College when the department determines there is a bona fide business purpose for the cell phone.  Employees cannot use departmental cell phones for personal calls.

Eligible new employees hired between (date) and July 1, 2016 will have the $50 monthly subsidy take effect immediately.   This subsidy will be renewed annually on July 1 of each year after the Human resources office receives the renewal authorization by June 1.  HR will send reminders to senior staff in April and May.