Use of University Resources Policy

It is the University’s policy to limit the use of University resources – including but not limited to equipment, facilities, and funds – to approved purposes in support of the University’s mission. University resources should be used in the most efficient manner possible and, with minor exceptions, shall not be used for personal purposes.

Specific limitations:

  • University resources, such as but not exclusive to the campus mail system, SLU
  • email, university public space [such as lounges] can not be used for personal commercial ventures, such as sales of or solicitations for purchase of products, for example Avon or Amway sales, with the exception of the use of “SLUBay” on the facstaff listserv for one- time sales; exceptions are also made for support for not-for-profit entities, such as sales related to a family member or friend’s public school activity or cultural or sports activity, such as a concert or Pee Wee team fundraiser. Questions about the propriety of any venture should be directed to one’s supervisor if in doubt about appropriateness of a behavior. Failure to check on the appropriateness of a behavior will not be considered as a defense in the instance of a questionable activity.
  • University employees are responsible for reimbursing the university for costs incurred for personal use of items such as telephones for long distance calls, fax machines, and copiers for personal documents.
  • The President’s Office hosts annually a Holiday Luncheon, an Employee Recognition Reception in the spring, and an employee picnic for all employees. For this reason, other University funds may not be used for departmental holiday (or other seasonal) parties, secretary’s day, or other such events. Modest funds for farewell gatherings will be permitted at the discretion of the President or appropriate Vice President/Dean.
  • The President’s Office, in conjunction with Human Resources, reserves the right to use University funds to send flowers or gifts to employees, students, and friends of the University. For this reason, other University funds such as departmental and gift accounts may not be used for this purpose.

SS 11.08
Revised 1/22/01, 12.3.03 Revised 6.05, 9.05