Guidelines for Alcohol Use During Events


The St. Lawrence University aims and objectives statement is the basis for understanding the goals and philosophy of the university policy for alcohol and other drugs. These objectives include commitment to the students’ intellectual development, viewing students as whole persons, providing an environment that encourages the students’ physical and emotional well being, and providing opportunities for ethical, social and spiritual, and aesthetic growth.

The St. Lawrence University alcohol policy is designed to maintain a residential environment that facilitates the achievement of educational goals. The policy considers the requirements of the law, the legal obligations of individuals, the university, the quality of residential life, as well as the aims and objectives of St. Lawrence University. The university provides an environment that supports student development and autonomy. However, autonomy and freedom of choice exist with the expectation that students will obey New York State Law and Canton Village ordinances, and will respect the intellectual physical and emotional health of self or others. Accordingly, students of legal drinking age may consume alcoholic beverages, in a responsible manner and in concurrence with the policies in the St. Lawrence University Student Handbook.*

*Quoted from the 2000-01 Student Handbook, St. Lawrence University

Keeping in mind the above philosophical statement for alcohol consumption at St. Lawrence, the following guidelines for alcohol use during events should be followed:

The person/department responsible for the event will work with Dining Service personnel to devise an easy method of identifying those students who can or cannot be served alcohol at an event.


It will also be the responsibility of the Dining Service Manager, when in attendance at the event, to help monitor or inquire of a student if he/she is a minor. Even if the host has shown responsibility in the invitation list, the disclaimer notes and the instructions given to his/her staff, but someone inadvertently serves a minor, including a parent, the host still is liable.

Therefore we should be cautious about the events we plan. The decision to serve alcohol at events to which students are invited should be made with the above in mind.

Alcohol Policy revised May 2006

  • No hard liquor will be served on-campus by University employees and outside contractors during the academic year. The academic year for these purposes is defined as the beginning of new faculty and staff orientation through the closing of the residence halls after Fall semester, beginning again with the first day of classes Spring semester and ending after Commencement.
  • Bartenders and servers of alcohol, including student workers, will be 21 years of age. This applies to beer and wine as well as hard liquor.
  • No alcohol will be served to persons under 21 years of age.
  • Beer and wine may be served with meals or at a reception where food is present at on-campus locations with the prior approval of the Finance Office. Any office or person wishing to serve beer and wine must submit a request in writing, describing the nature of the event, the number and type of constituency who will be in attendance (students, parents, alumni, etc.), the time and the location to Eric Shinnick,, 315-229-5880, Executive Director, Finance Office,during the planning stages of the event.
  • At events where beer and wine are being served, it is the responsibility of the person/ department hosting the event to check the ages of the students who have been invited and inform Dining Service personnel of who is not 21 years of age. A list of student guests will be shared with the Catering Manager or Dining Service Director.
    1. name tags and place cards with special dots
    2. carding of students at large events for upperclassmen
    3. small disclaimer signs placed on bars reading: No minors will be served alcohol.
    4. disclaimer notes at bottom of invitations
    5. discreet reminders in our publications being distributed to parents, alums, etc.