Modified Duty Program


To provide employees who have suffered an injury or illness a possible option to return to modified work assignments, to facilitate a rehabilitation process, and to minimize loss of income and reduced benefits.


  • The Human Resources office will decide when and if an employee may work on Modified Duty. Decisions can be made only after receiving medical advice with specific restrictions identified.
  • Since the purpose is to facilitate rehabilitation, Modified Duty work can last no longer than six months for any condition, but may be terminated at any time by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.
  • In assigning the work, we will consider the employee?s primary job first, then other work. Assignments may or may not determine rate of pay or hours of work.
  • An employee on Modified Duty will not be eligible for work over their regularly scheduled workday or work week.
  • An employee on Modified Duty may bid on positions; however, the individual must be qualified and available for the job when the position or shift needs to be filled.

Established 6/13/96 (names updated 11.30.01)