Social Identities

Social identities are based on unique physical, social, and mental characteristics of individual people. Sometimes those characteristics are obvious and visible, but oftentimes they are not. Social identities can be self-claimed and are frequently ascribed by others. At St. Lawrence University, students study the intersection of various social identities by taking classes in different departments/programs as Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Global Studies, Psychology, Anthropology, and Film and Representation Studies, amongst others.

Learn how social identities are considered in these off-campus study locations:

  • Australia: Indigenous people
  • Czech Republic: Cultural identity
  • China CIEE: Class, education, multiculturalism
  • China XJTLU: Class, education, multiculturalism, gender studies
  • Denmark: Class, education, multiculturalism, xenophobia
  • Fisk University: African and American political science and psychology
  • France: Gender studies, historical memory, multiculturalism, national identity
  • Italy (Sorrento): Cultural identity
  • Japan: Gender studies
  • Jordan: Education, gender studies, national identity
  • London: Class, conflict in Northern Ireland, gentrification, imperialism and colonialism, Irish culture and identity
  • Kenya: Colonialism, education, gender studies
  • New Zealand: Indigenous people
  • Spain: Cultural identity, national identity, xenophobia
  • Trinidad: Afro-Caribbean culture, Carnival, imperialism and colonialism, Indo-Caribbean culture, multiculturalism
  • Thailand: Imperialism and colonialism