Additional Financial Support

Airfare assistance:

Assistance for airfare for semester or year-long off-campus study is available to St. Lawrence University students on a case-by-case basis. Eligible students may apply for funding to assist with the costs of flights exceeding $750. The amount of aid granted is dependent on each student's need level and the location in which they are studying, and is designed to offset some of the cost of the flight. 

Applicants must receive financial aid from the University in order to qualify. ​Applications for airfare assistance are found applicants' online application (Studio Abroad) following acceptance to study off-campus. 

Additional Airfare Assistance is allocated based on financial need level (as defined by the financial aid office) and world region of the program, with maximum amounts of assistance by need level and world region listed below.

High Need

Medium Need

Low Need

  • Europe: $450
  • South America/Caribbean: $250
  • Africa: $400
  • Asia/Oceania/Pacific: $1,500


  • Africa: $400
  • Asia/Oceania/Pacific: $1,250
  • Europe: $300
  • South America: Caribbean: $150


  • Europe: $150
  • South America: $100
  • Africa: $250
  • Asia/Oceania/Pacific: $750


Additional financial support:

Students may apply for additional financial aid from CIIS to help defray the costs associated with the program that are not covered by the comprehensive fee (visa costs, required immunizations, transportation in host city), if they have a current financial aid form on file in the financial aid office. Requests for funds should be limited to costs that students would not incur if they remained on campus. For example, requests for fees for books will not be covered because students are responsible for the cost of books on campus.

Additional aid is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the individual level of need and the number of applicants seeking additional aid. The maximum award level typically does not exceed $750 per student. First priority is given to students with the highest level of financial need as determined by the SLU financial aid office.

More information on possible sources of additional funding to study off-campus can be found on the CIIS website.

Application forms and deadlines for requests for additional financial aid are available in applicants' online applications (Studio Abroad) following acceptance to study off-campus. 

Please note that all financial aid awards are generally posted via the student's SLU account. If the Student does not have an existing balance, these funds can be issued directly to the student by contacting Student Financial Services and ensuring the proper forms are on file with the SLU Business office.