Preparing for Off-Campus Study (0.5 Units)

A St. Lawrence education includes development of critical intercultural skills necessary to make students ready for responsible membership in the global community. 

In the Fall semester, CIIS offers a 0.5 SLU unit class ND 3038- "Preparing for Off-Campus Study"  to help students explore what it means to be a global citizen, focusing on understanding cultural differences and similarities; the historical, ecological, political, and economic processes affecting the globe; and the rights and responsibilities of each individual as a global citizen. This course is open to all students, but is particularly valuable for students who are imminently preparing to study off-campus in an upcoming semester or over the summer.

In the Spring semester, CIIS plans to offer a course focusing on returning from off-campus study, with a special focus on how to integrate this experience into your future academic and professional goals. Check out APR2 and/or reach out to CIIS for more information.