Work with CIIS as a Peer Advisor

Each year during the spring semester, the Center for International and Intercultural Studies (CIIS) recruits Student Peer Advisors to serve for the following academic year. 

The advisors help promote St. Lawrence University off-campus study opportunities; assist with recruiting eligible students for the SLU off-campus programs; aid committees in selecting qualified participants; help orient chosen participants; and facilitate re-entry programs.  Peer Advisors assist in the operations of the office and will also have the opportunity to assist CIIS in other activities and projects. This is a paid position.

The Peer Advisors are an integral part of the work done by CIIS.  They are expected to consider their work with CIIS as they would an internship.  Peer Advisors must have the ability to think critically about their role and the role of CIIS on campus.  Students should also be willing to participate in activities that promote international presence at SLU. This is not just another work-study job; it has the potential to prepare students for a professional career. They report to the Assistant Director of Off-campus Programs. For more information, please contact the CIIS Office at



1.    Must have successfully participated in a St. Lawrence University (or SLU approved) off-campus program.

2.    Be enthusiastic about their own off-campus study experience and off-campus study in general.

3.    Priority will be given to students who can serve for the entire academic year (fall semester and spring semester).

4.    Must exhibit responsibility, maturity, strong organizational skills, strong public speaking skills, and an ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Self-motivation and creativity are essential.

5.    Must be willing to develop and improve presentation skills and prepare PowerPoint presentations and other visual aids when necessary.

Special consideration will be given to students who qualify for work-study.

CIIS Peer Advisors will be expected to:

1.    Attend training during the first week of classes.

2.    Develop a general understanding of all SLU off-campus programs.  Be able to answer general questions about off-campus study.

3.    Work with the on-campus faculty coordinator to set up program information meeting(s).

4.    Participate in the information sessions and orientation meetings.

5.    Represent program/CIIS at Family Weekend Information Session and Admissions Open Houses

6.    Make presentations to classes and student groups.  Be available to speak to appropriate classes on campus about off-campus study. 

7.    Organize presentations about off-campus study opportunities for students (in the dorms, in student organizations, in Greek houses, sports teams, etc.) 

8.    Review applications and serve on the program selection committee.

9.    Contribute to the work done in the CIIS office by greeting students in the office and responding to telephone inquiries.

In addition, depending on interest and time, they may:

1.    Assist in outreach activities to increase participation in off-campus study by under-represented groups.

2.    Devise ways to publicize off-campus programs.

3.    Revise program brochures and orientation materials.

4.    Gather quotes from students who have studied off-campus to be used in publications.

5.    Work on projects of specific interest.

6.    Assist in developing programs for returning students.

7.    Serve as a student representative on the CIIS Committee. 

8.    Work with the I-House coordinators to collaborate on events and projects

9.    Assist with planning International Education Week (fall) and World Languages Week (spring)