Connecting to On-Campus Academics

Many students develop research interests while studying off-campus that they continue to pursue through a major, minor, or senior project.  We strongly recommend that students work with the CIIS staff and their on-campus academic advisor, before, during, and after their time away to make their off-campus study a central part of their four-year program of study.  Students have made off-campus study an integral part of their work in every major offered at St. Lawrence.  In addition to building on an off-campus experience through work in their major, many students pursue a minor or combined major in one of the following interdisciplinary area studies programs:

African Studies

African-American Studies

Asian Studies

Caribbean, Latin American, and Latino Studies

European Studies

Native American Studies

Global Studies


Students who are interested in applying to the Peace Corps or working with globally-focused non-profit organizations after graduation should consider the Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program.

Peace Corps Prep Certificate