About CIIS

Our Mission Statement

St. Lawrence University’s mission is to provide an inspiring and demanding undergraduate education in the liberal arts. The Center for International and Intercultural Studies is integral to this mission by inspiring Laurentians to see our Canton campus as a gateway to understanding local and global issues. We challenge students, faculty, and staff to develop critical intercultural skills in and out of the classroom and incorporate these lessons into their lives. 

CIIS promotes critical reflection on position, power, and privilege to develop greater empathy for diverse perspectives. Our commitment to inclusive programming is designed to enhance essential skills for responsible membership in a global community. CIIS learning goals enable all Laurentians to academically, personally and professionally: 

  • Cultivate organizational, social, and emotional skills to successfully prepare for intercultural experiences. 
  • Engage with diverse perspectives and ways of knowing to critically reflect and navigate challenges.  
  • Foster curiosity and instill passion for lifelong intercultural learning and continuous growth. 

Generations of alumni affirm the transformative power of international and intercultural experiences at SLU, and many cite off-campus study as the moment they found their passion. Alumni attest to how these experiences provided them the skills to adapt and thrive in an increasingly global workplace and served as a launching pad to successful post-graduate careers in a wide variety of fields. Research across higher education supports these Laurentian success stories, as studies show that international and intercultural study leads to a higher job placement rate and salary after graduation.