Q: Are certain programs designed for certain majors?

A: Most of our programs are interdisciplinary, meaning students in any major can participate. A few programs have specific academic requirements and you should check the program eligibility before applying.

Q: Can you take courses toward your major, minor, or distribution requirements? 

A: Yes! You can meet with the Academic Advising office or CIIS to plan your semesters before, during, and after off-campus study to ensure you are on-track with your graduation plans. Students can also attend an additional workshop and complete reflection assignments before/after off-campus study in order to fulfill one of the two DIV13 requirements for graduation.

Q: How much extra do I have to pay to study abroad?

A: St. Lawrence does not have a "study abroad fee". You will pay your normal comprehensive fee (whatever you normally pay for a semester at St. Lawrence). However there will be additional costs such as airfare, visas, immunizations, etc. The CIIS office does have additional financial aid that you can apply for to help with these costs.

Q: Will my grades transfer back?

A: If you participate on a St. Lawrence approved program your grades will transfer back and will be calculated into your GPA.

Q: How do we register for courses on the program?

A: Each program is different. Some programs you register for courses online, some programs you register for courses when you arrive. You will learn more about course registration for your program at orientation.

Q: How do I apply for a visa?

A: You will receive instructions specific to your program/country once you have been accepted to the program.

Q: Is there financial aid available?

A: Yes, there is financial aid available. After being accepted students can complete an application for additional financial aid to help cover the costs of extra expense that they will have off-campus (ie. visas, immunizations, urban transportation). There is also an Airfare Scholarship which students can apply for. The student is expected to pay for the first $750 of their international flight, this scholarship is available to help with the remaining cost.