Short-term Travel Policies & Application form

Faculty wishing to apply for CIIS funding for short-term components must complete an online application. 

Access the Online Application

This policy outlines a common procedure to be observed by all faculty offering semester courses with short-term travel components. (This does not cover courses offered in summer term.)

The purpose of having a common policy is so that we can, to the greatest extent possible with limited resources, make semester-long courses with travel components accessible to all students. This policy is consistent with the university statement that the comprehensive fee covers all tuition expenses, room and board (University Catalog/Financial Information). The university will continue to seek additional resources to provide financial support for more short-term travel components.

All travel components that are part of a semester course must be supported by the University either through departmental discretionary funds, other university resources, and/or through funds administered by CIIS. Specifically, the on-site expenses of such components (room, board, lecture fees, and other expenses associated with learning) must be covered by the university. However, students may be (and typically will be) required to cover travel expenses to and from the off-campus sites, as well as passport, visa, and immunization costs. Faculty who offer travel components should be alert to the fact that international student participants may face additional regulations associated with travel. Departments will ensure that those courses which may sometimes or regularly include a travel component are fully described in the University catalogue with an indication that students in the course will be expected to contribute to the cost of travel. A course with a travel component may not be required for a major or a minor. The travel component will not normally carry additional credit. The instructor or department will determine in advance of registration whether the component is required or elective for participants in the course. Course instructors will work with the Registrar to make every effort to inform students at the time of registration for the course about the approximate travel cost of the component.

Faculty seeking CIIS support for on-site expenses of a travel component must apply by September 30 (for spring semester courses) or by February 5th (for fall semester courses), using the application for short-term travel found at the top of this page.

Partial or complete funding for the on-site costs of a travel component through CIIS will be available on a competitive basis. The CIIS advisory committee will review all applications and determine which courses will be funded.

In addition to funding for on-site costs, CIIS will assist high need and moderate-high need students by providing limited financial assistance for airfare costs. Such students should be directed to apply to CIIS prior to the start date of the course.

All faculty taking student groups off campus overnight and longer as part of a course, irrespective of the source of funding for the component, must complete the travel registry and have all students complete medical and waiver of liability forms.