While Off-Campus

Welcome to your program! You may feel a number of different emotions after arriving at your program: excitement, anticipation, nervousness, jetlag, and more. Keep in mind, many people experience an "adjustment curve" throughout their experience, filled with highs and lows. Be patient with yourself (and others) and allow yourself time to learn about and adjust to your new environment.

Immediately After Your Arrival

  • Notify your emergency contact(s) that you have safely arrived
  • Attend all arrival orientation sessions
  • Follow the guidance of your on-site staff regarding visa applications (if required), registering for courses, etc.

Within Two Weeks of your Arrival

  • Update your Studio Abroad application with your emergency contact information while on-site

The resources in this section are designed to supplement information you've received from on-site staff and arrival orientations, and to help as you adjust to your program.