Italy (Sant'Anna)

A panoramic view of Sorrento houses with red tile roofs and the ocean.

St. Lawrence students have the opportunity to spend the fall or spring semester at the Sant'Anna Institute – The Italian International Institute located in Sorrento, Italy. Students can choose from a range of courses in a variety of academic divisions:  Classics, Business  Studies, Cultural Studies, Humanities and Arts, Health Studies, Italian Studies, Social Sciences, and Sciences and Natural Sciences.  Sant’Anna is located in the stunning town of Sorrento at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, just 20 miles south of Naples. Perched atop hundred foot cliffs that face the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is within sight of rugged snow-capped mountains, emerald waters, black sand beaches, cliff-hanging villages, and one of the world’s best-known volcanoes: Vesuvius. Sorrento is a walkable and picturesque center of international tourism. It has an international population, making it a small town with a cosmopolitan feel. 

While on the program, all students are required to take Italian language.

  • Based in Sorrento.
  • Fall or Spring semester.
  • Enrollment caps may be limited to less than 15 per semester based on space limitations.
  • Pre-requisites: Minimum 3.0 GPA required; and one semester of college level Italian.
  • Students must take Italian language. Other courses are taught in English.
  • Students live with homestay families.

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Sant’Anna Institute is located overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento, perched on the cliffside, with stunning views from the sea-facing windows, and it’s a short walk to the harbor and the harbor-side restaurants. 

The Institute is located a short 10 minute walk from the center of town and 15 minutes from the Sorrento Station. 

Sant’Anna occupies a former convent, a stately building that houses a studio space, kitchen, student lounge, library, and student computers. In the garden, students can find lemon, orange, and kiwi trees among the many crops there, as well as basketball courts.

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At Sant'Anna, students can choose courses in English in subjects such as Classics, Business  Studies, Cultural Studies, Humanities and Arts, Health Studies, Italian Studies, Social Sciences, and Sciences and Natural Sciences. At Sant’Anna Institute, study abroad students have the opportunity to experience the unique culture, customs, and climate of southern Italy. This gives Sorrento students the opportunity to experience up close the unique charm of a Mediterranean lifestyle.  Please see the Sant' Anna website for further information on available courses.

Internships for credit (3 or 6 credits) are available in a wide variety of organizations and fields such as marine biology, education, NGOs in humanitarian work, TOEFL, hospitality, culinary and international business. 

Students must enroll in one Italian language course. All levels of Italian are available. Students with a high level of Italian language may have the opportunity to assist Sant' Anna faculty in organizing classes and supporting students.

Most courses offered at Sorrento award 3 credits. Students must register for a total of 15 credits.

Course credit from the Sorrento programs transfers back to SLU, provided students have received course approval from the department chair of the particular academic department in question.

Sant' Anna provides academic advising and personal support on site. 

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Some classes include field trips and the program also offers general study trips to venues such as the Pompeii ruins, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Island of Capri.

Sorrento has many beautiful hiking, swimming, boating and diving opportunities. 

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As with many SLU Off-Campus Programs, SLU students are required to live with homestay families. Living with a family, taking part in its daily routines, celebrations, and family discussions give students a unique and enriching insight into Italian culture that they could not otherwise acquire. In Sorrento, most meals will be provided by the homestay family.

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See the Sant' Anna website to view the program dates for each semester. The Fall semester typically begins in late August and ends in mid-December. The Spring semester typically begins in mid-January and ends in late April/early May. 

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Pre-departure: The CIIS office organizes in-depth orientation sessions on-campus prior to the student's participation in the program. This includes a program specific session(s) in which the students will learn more about the program, local culture, academic expectations, and any other important information. There is also an orientation session led by the CIIS office on culture shock, pre-departure preparations, as well as safety and security while abroad.

On-site: Sant' Anna provides students with an extensive orientation upon arrival.  The orientation sessions are designed to assist the student in adapting to the new environment and include information on a variety of different topics such as: safety, security, immigration (Permit of Stay), student services (clubs, counseling services, etc.), academic information, housing, academic field trips and practical everyday life issues, all intended to ensure a positive cultural experience abroad.

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Program Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about the Sant' Anna Institute program please contact one of the following people.

CIIS Office: Kim Longfellow, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Programs - Questions about eligibility, program logistics, and other off-campus opportunities.

Faculty CoordinatorsDr. Marcella Salvi - Questions about program academics.

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