Sky Swatches

Sky Swatches Pop-Up Exhibition by Jordi Kulis

On Thursday, April 28, 2022 senior Jordi Kulis held an informal reception/exhibition displaying her art project "Sky Swatches". The concept for the work began on Instagram where she incorporated some digital editing with her personal habit of looking upwards at the sky for a brief moment of peace and contemplation. The artwork involves analyzing the colors in a photo of the sky into six or more color swatches.

(See below for a photo gallery of the works displayed)

From The Artist

Dear Reader,

A sky's beauty is something that can be seen and shared by virtually anyone across the globe. We welcome the day as the bright blue of the sky fades into view, we know to end our day when a vibrant sunset peeks over the horizon. Nature's glorious, ever-changing canvas has been capturing us, influencing us, since the beginning of time itself.

For two years, "sky swatches" was a project that existed solely on my Instagram. Matching hues to an image has been my way of mapping out the sky in an artistic, comprehensible way. I isolate hues for the sake of crediting them with the feelings that they can convey. I am inviting the audience to participate in the world of the artist - where colors can be emotions and our eyes are simply frames.

It wasn't until this year (2022) that I realized that I wanted to take the project a step further by making the project physical and place the images in front of an audience.

I made these pieces with the goal of being able to momentarily remove you from your individual bubble of concerns or stress. I hope that "sky swatches" can present you with the feeling of looking up at a sky, at peace, in wonder.

With Love,

To find the original sky swatches, located in my highlights, see my Instagram at:

About The Artist

Jordi Kulis is a SLU senior from Waterbury, Vermont. She is completing her major in Art and Art History in Spring 2022. Her favorite medias are graphic design and painting. After graduation, Jordi looks forward to diving into a job in the design field.

Special thanks to Amy Hauber, Kasarian Dane, Sarah Knobel, Carole Mathey, and Melissa Schulenberg for providing insight and support.