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Spring Term 2022

Caroline Brown, Messy Stories, Stoneware, Underglaze & Glaze 2022

Ceramics Trompel’oeil Sculpting with Rachael Jones
Rachael Jones' Ceramics 1 class in Spring 2022 worked on a Trompel’oeil Sculpting Nourishment Project where they created clay sculptural pieces that convey a meal or plate with some kind of meaning to the artist and viewer.



Spring Term 2019

Conservation In Clay Projects

Conservation In Clay Collaboration Project
An exhibition and reception of "Conservation in Clay", a collaborative, sculptural project exploring the native amphibian and reptile species of New York, was held Thursday April 4th, 2019 from 5-7pm at the Lauders Science Library in Madill Hall. The open Reception was from 5-6pm and Ceramics 1 students, and their Herpetology partners, presented their research from 6-7pm. Snacks were provided!


Student Projects

Pop-Up Exhibitions

Sky Swatches

Sky Swatches Pop-Up Exhibition by Jordi Kulis
On Thursday, April 28, 2022 senior Jordi Kulis held an informal reception displaying her art project "Sky Swatches". The concept for the work began on Instagram where she incorporated her personal habit of looking upwards at the sky for a brief moment of peace and contemplation. The artwork involves analyzing the colors in a photo of the sky into six or more color swatches.