2023 Senior Art Exhibition

Senior Year Experience (SYE) Projects

Senior Studio Seminar Projects

The Senior Studio Seminar, also called the Senior Year Experience (SYE), includes capstone courses. Those Seniors concentrating in Studio Art hold an exhibition in the art gallery each spring.

  • Studio Art Seniors can choose classes from a Senior Seminar in Visual Arts, SYE: Independent Study, or a Senior Project: Honors in Art and Art History.
  • Art History Seniors can takes classes that include Critical Theory and the Visual Arts, Museums Seminar, Independent Study, or a Senior Project: Honors in Art and Art History.

See the Senior Year Capstone and Careers webpage for more information.


Keeping Promises, Hannah Porath

Senior Seminar Exhibition: what we hold (In-Person Event)





Artwork by Sierra Potaczek

Senior Seminar Exhibition: Micro-Worlds: The Nature of Living (In-Person Event)





Cole Heffernan, "Finding our way forward"

Senior Seminar: Pit Stop Pop Up Collection Response Exhibition (In-Person Event)




Earl Barcomb

SYE Art Exhibition: Lost and Found (In-Person Event)





Artist: Titania McFarlane

SYE Autumn 2022 Pop-Up Gallery Show (2023 Early Graduation)






SYE 2021: TIME (Exhibition - Online)





Popup Exhibition 2020 Spring

SYE Pop-Up Art Exhibition Spring 2020 (Works In Progress)





McKael Barnes Showing

Artist McKael Barnes' SYE project (Student Project)




SYE 2020: Personal Space (Exhibition - Online)


Glenice Gallagher

SYE 2019: Do You Feel Like We Do? (Exhibition)




  • SYE Project 2019: Do You Feel Like We Do? (Gallery Reception)


  • SYE 2018: Beauty and Resistance (Exhibition)
  • SYE Project 2018: Beauty and Resistance (Exhibition Installation)