Patty Hudak, Circulation of the Light, 2021

Art Gallery Talk About Mokuhanga Printmaking

Patty Hudak, a printmaker and a member of  The Mokuhanga Sisters artists group, gave a presentation at the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery on the occasion of the "Wood Paper Ink" gallery exhibition. She took those attending the talk through each of the works presented and talked about the artist of the work.

Patty also answered questions from those in attendance at the gallery. One main concept that came out of the talk was the importance of the tools, materials, and methods used in mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese method of printmaking.

Patty compared the mokuhanga process to the use, by example, of acrylic paints on canvas, which she said was essentially using plastic to paint with. She was not denigrating acrylic painting but simply pointing out a difference between that and the use of simple wood, natural non-toxic inks, water, and hand made paper, the materials used in mokuhanga printmaking. The craft and process of mokuhanga printmaking is the key to its beauty and artistic satisfaction.

If you've missed the gallery exhibition you can find some images on the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery webpage for the show or you can use our webpage with online information about the Artists that appeared in the exhibition to find more information about their work.

Below, on this page, you'll find some photos taken at the gallery presentation.