Art and Art History Major and Minor Requirements

Major Requirements (effective fall 2017)

Art History Concentration:  10 Units (8 art history/2 studio)


  • Drawing I (AAH131) and (1) studio elective

Art History:

  • AAH 116 or 117 Survey of Art History I or II (not both)
  • (7) other art history courses:
  • (1) non-Western art history course
  • (1) must be a 300- or 400-level course
  • (1) must be a 400-level course

*One semester of a foreign language at the 200-level or higher may replace one 200-level art history course.

Students interested in attending graduate school in art history are strongly encouraged to study at least one foreign language appropriate to their areas of interest.

Studio Art Concentration:  10 units (7 studio/3 art history)

Students interested in a Studio Art Concentration should plan to take AAH 131 Drawing I, the prerequisite for upper-level studio art courses, as soon as possible.


  • AAH 131
  • Drawing I
  • (5) studio electives. Students must take courses in at least 2 different media. Students must also have two semesters of study in at least one specific media/area.
  • AAH460 Senior Seminar in Visual Arts. Offered each spring.

Art History:

  • AAH 116 or AAH 117 Survey of Art History I or II (not both)
  • (2) upper-level art history courses.

Students interested in pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree are strongly encouraged to take a modern or contemporary art history course.

Combined Concentration (Art History/Studio Art):  10 units (5 art history/5 studio)

  • AAH 131 Drawing I
  • AAH 116 or AAH 117 Survey of Art History I or II (not both)
  • (8) upper-level courses split evenly between art history and studio (4/4)
    * At least 2 of these 8 courses must be at the 300- or 400-level


Departmental honors are awarded according to University and departmental policy, as outlined in the Student Handbook. Departmental honors is different than the Honorary Society, and is achieved only after successful completion of an honors project. A minimum GPA of 3.5 in all courses in the major is required. Students interested in pursuing an honors project should consult with their advisor and with the chair of the department early in their junior year to begin to formulate their honors projects. Honors Projects are year-long projects that emphasize independent work. Proposals are due spring semester of the junior year, one week prior to registration.

Minor Requirements

Minor:  6 units

  • AAH 131 Drawing I
  • One art history course at any level
  • (4) other AAH courses with diversity of selection

** Students participating in the New York City Semester Program will receive (1) unit for the Arts Management course (NC248G).  This unit will replace one of the electives in their concentration.

Certification to Teach Art

The teacher certification minor is only available to students who matriculated before fall semester 2019. For information on teacher certification options approved by the New York State Board of Regents, requirements for the certification minor, and the requirements for the professional semester (including student teaching) please go to the Education department's website ( or contact the Coordinator of the Teacher Education Program.  Students who are eligible to pursue this minor must complete all requirements and the professional semester by the end of spring semester 2022.