Emily Giorgi

Digital, Photo, and Image-based Studio Arts

[ Above: Artwork by Emily Giorgi ]

All studio courses are one-unit courses and meet five hours per week. Students interested in an Art and Art History major should plan to take AAH131 Drawing I, the pre-requisite for upper-level studio art courses, as soon as possible. See the Foundations page for more information.


Senior Year Experience Exhibition of Works in Progress


Photo I introduces black-and-white film photography's history, theory, techniques, and processes. This course will emphasize photography's potential for creative problem-solving and self-expression. Students will learn about basic photographic theory, as well as historically relevant art movements.

Instructor: Sarah Knobel


  • Noble Center NC004
  • Noble Center NC221
  • Equipment Includes: 14 darkroom enlargers, large print and film developing darkrooms. Lighting studios, film and digital cameras for students to check out.


  • AAH259 Photography I
  • AAH260 Photography II

  • AAH360 Photography III

  • AAH3095 Pinhole Cameras and Alternative Process Photography

Student Work


SYE Pop-Up Art Exhibition Spring 2020 (Works In Progress)

Digital Media

A combination studio/seminar course that explores the major theoretical issues surrounding the continually evolving culture of digital technology and the effects on various aspects of contemporary life including:  aesthetics and perception, creative production, morality, contemporary art discourse, visual culture, entertainment, identity and other forms of social effects/affects.

Instructor: Sarah Knobel


  • Noble Center
  • Newell Center for Arts Technology (NCAT): Has 20+ iMac computer stations with 21” screens, all computers have the full Adobe Creative Suite for video, digital and photo editing.
  • The NCAT holds a large Epson 44” format printer for archival pigment prints.
  • A small lightroom with continuous and strobe lights is available for creating studio photographic images.


  • AAH262 Video Art (DMF262)
  • AAH269 Digital Media and Culture I

  • AAH369 Digital Media and Culture II

  • AAH Digital Drawing

Student Work


All of our art studios have been renovated since 2004.

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  • Drawing (charcoal, pencil, pen; figure drawing)
  • Painting (various media)
  • Color Theory
  • Printmaking (relief and intaglio, non-toxic processes)
  • Book Art
  • Photography (analogue and digital, using a multi-room darkroom and also a two-level computer classroom/work space)
  • Digital Media and Culture
  • Sculpture (incl. figure modeling)
  • Ceramics
  • Senior Seminar (spring semester, with exhibition in the Brush Art Gallery)

Studio Art Fields, including Architecture

  • Boston University
  • Maryland Institute College of Art
  • New York Academy of Art
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Royal College of Art, London
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • School of Visual Arts, New York City
  • South Dakota State University
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • For more information see Senior Year Capstone and Careers

Studio Art

  • MFA programs in studio art → practicing artists
  • Architecture
  • Designers / Graphic Designers
  • Book authors and illustrators
  • Professional Photographers/Photography Assistants/Videographers
  • K - 12 Teaching
  • As well as some of the areas Art History Majors find careers in.
  • For more information see Senior Year Capstone and Careers