Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom

Art History Fields of Study

[ Image Credit: Tibetan Buddhist thangka painting of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. Collection of Richard F. Brush Art Gallery ]

Fields of Study Foundations

The Art History foundational survey classes provide the student with Historical Context, Exposure to Diversity, Understanding of Artistic Influences, Critical Analysis, Foundation for Specialization, Cultural Appreciation, and Inspiration and Influence ideas upon which to develop further study. Overall, Art History survey classes provide a holistic understanding of art's evolution, its cultural significance, and its impact on society. They offer a comprehensive foundation that informs and enriches students' perspectives within the realm of art and beyond.

Students must take Survey of Art Part 1 or Survey of Art Part 2 as a foundational course for the Art & Art History major. It is highly recommended that students take one of these classes before taking advanced art history courses. See the Foundations page for more information.

Art History fields of study are listed below under the Professor who usually teaches them.

Dr Chandreyi Basu

Associate Professor


  • AAH116.        Survey of Art History, Part I.
  • AAH212.        Icons of Islamic Architecture.
  • AAH217.        Buddhist Art and Ritual.
  • AAH218.        Arts of South Asia.
  • AAH319.        Gender Issues in Asian Art.


Dr. Mark Denaci

Associate Professor


  • AAH117.        Survey of Art History, Part II.
  • AAH207.        Nineteenth Century European Art.
  • AAH210.        American Art.
  • AAH211.        African-American Art and Visual Culture.
  • AAH252.        History of Modern European Art.
  • AAH254.        A History of Contemporary Art.
  • AAH355.        Art Today.
  • AAH430.        SYE: Critical Theory and the Visual Arts


Dr. Dorothy Limouze



  • AAH117.        Survey of Art History, Part II.
  • AAH202.        Art of the Italian Renaissance.
  • AAH203.        Art of the Northern Renaissance.
  • AAH204.        Baroque and Rococo Art.
  • AAH206.        Art of the Middle Ages.
  • AAH337.        Architecture: Symbol and Ideology.
  • AAH437.        SYE: Museums Seminar


Study Resources

Richard F Brush Art Gallery

The Richard F Brush Art Gallery has regular exhibitions of artwork, provides access for students to the SLU permanent collection, and has an ongoing repository of works from the St. Lawrence University collection on the JSTOR service. You can find the online collection at


The JSTOR research service is available for primary sources of Art and History research. As the description on the website says, 'Explore millions of high-quality primary sources and images from around the world, including artworks, maps, photographs, and more.' For the St Lawrence University Collection use the link:


The Owen D. Young library has additional resources for Art History research including an Image Search across St. Lawrence University collections as well as outside collections using services like World Digital Library, Google Image Search, Wikimedia Commons, and others.


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Art History, Museum Studies, and Art Education

  • American University, Washington, D.C.
  • Columbia University
  • New York University, Steinhardt School of Education
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Virginia
  • Central European University, Hungary
  • University of Aberdeen, UK
  • For more information see Senior Year Capstone and Careers

Art History

  • Graduate School → scholarly careers
  • Art Conservation
  • Museum Work – curatorial
  • Museums – non curatorial
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Art Librarians
  • Arts Management
  • Auction Houses and Art Galleries
  • Historic Preservation
  • For more information see Senior Year Capstone and Careers