Conservation In Clay projects

Conservation In Clay Sculptural Project

An exhibition and reception of "Conservation in Clay", a collaborative, sculptural project exploring the native amphibian and reptile species of New York, was held Thursday April 4th, 2019 from 5-7pm at the Lauders Science Library in Madill Hall. The open Reception was from 5-6pm and Ceramics 1 students, and their Herpetology partners, presented their research from 6-7pm. Snacks were provided!

One of the goals of the project was to allow the pieces to be opened with another clay piece inside representing some aspect of the current conservation needs of the species being represented. The herpetology students guided the ceramics students through the research necessary to understand the species they were focused on. The herpetology students received guidance in the hands-on sculpting of the ceramic clay pieces from the ceramics students.

Visiting Assistant Professor Kris Hoffman and Visiting Assistant Professor Rachael Jones collaborated on the class which was made possible with a Mini-Hearst Grant and through Nature Up North.

( See the photo gallery of the event below on this page )