Printmaking Studio

Art and Art History Learning Spaces

The Noble Center and Griffiths Arts Center house the various learning spaces and classrooms for the Art & Art History department. See the Photo Gallery at the bottom of this webpage.


Painting Classroom

Painting Studio

The Griffiths GR101 classroom serves as the place where students can work on their paintings.

Two Dimensional Studio Art




Printmaking Classroom

Printmaking Studio

The Noble Center NC101 has all the tools, presses, and materials needed to make prints.

Two Dimensional Studio Art




Photography Darkroom

Photography Studio

A full Darkroom is available for Student projects.

Digital, Photo, and Image Based Studio Art



Art History Classroom

Art History Classrooms

The Noble Center 2nd floor provides many of the classrooms for Art History but some classes are taught next door in the Griffiths Art Center.

Art History Fields of Study



Ireland Student Arts Lounge

Ireland Student Arts Lounge

With open glass ceiling and windows and chairs, sofas, and tables the Ireland Student Arts Lounge is a great place to study, unwind, or work on your latest work of art. Because of the open light this area has become an impromptu greenhouse with plants lining the shelves.




Newell Center for Arts Technology (NCAT)

The Newell Center for Arts Technology (NCAT) is St. Lawrence University’s state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary arts technology facility. Located in the Noble Center and occupying two floors, the NCAT exists for two reasons: it meets the technological needs of the arts departments in teaching and learning; and it serves as a hub for collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts — both within the arts and across campus. The NCAT staff works with faculty, staff, and students to coordinate the necessary facilities, equipment, and training to explore the intersections among digital technologies and the arts. Newell Center for Arts Technology (NCAT)


Student examining pieces of art laid out on the ground

Richard F. Brush Art Gallery

The Richard F. Brush Art Gallery is located between the Griffiths Art Center and the Noble Center on the St Lawrence University campus in Canton, New York. See the campus map for details.

The Richard F. Brush Art Gallery aims to strengthen community by creating a sense of belonging for all who visit, teach, and learn in its spaces, both physically and virtually. In accordance with St. Lawrence University’s acknowledgement of "the need to challenge previous habits and assumptions understanding the structures of power and injustice in which they exist," we enact our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility by prioritizing tangible, ongoing steps to diversify exhibitions and the permanent collection, to encourage participation and feedback from diverse communities, and to create an accessible environment. Richard F. Brush Art Gallery