Sarah Knobel

Associate Professor Art and Art History Department
Co-Chair of Digital Media and Film Digital Media and Film
Sarah Knobel

Sarah Knobel is a photographer and video artist. Her work has been featured in exhibitions national and internationally, which include Miami, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Washington DC, Germany, Belgium and Greece.  Sarah holds an MFA in Photography from the Design Architecture Art and Planning Program at the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University.
Artist Statement:
I am interested in looking at objects are that are insignificant, that have short-term functionality, but permanent physicality.  I am particularly curious about items that are immediate, cheap and considered cute within Western cultures.   I focus on the use of photography for its ability to reprocess three-dimensional spaces and ability to document one ephemeral moment of connection and exchange between these items.
Each image can also be seen as a new object and refer to traditional still lives and product photography.  This process isolates the objects and removes their sense of scale.  There becomes a challenge of perception, which disembodies each material from its known context.
There are multiple ways of interpreting each image as landscape, object or artifact.  These works are studies: a new way of identifying our relationship with ideas of the natural and the artificial, the beautiful and the repulsive.

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