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  1. Adwoa Pokuaa Boateng works with a child as part of her Project for Peace, Cerebral Palsy Therapies on Wheels.

    St. Lawrence Students Implement Projects for Peace

    Three St. Lawrence students designed and implemented humanitarian projects in Ghana, West Africa, and Cairo, Egypt with the support of Davis Projects for Peace, which funds grassroots projects developed by undergraduate students.

  2. A Saint Lawrence University students uses the digital imaging lab in the Owen D Young Library.

    St. Lawrence Adds New Digital Media and Film Major

    St. Lawrence University has created a new bachelor's degree program in digital media and film, preparing graduates for careers in the media industry through digital content creation, new media, and a commitment to social justice.

  3. A decorative and elaborate stained-glass window with the Saint Lawrence University motto and shield at its center.

    St. Lawrence Sees Record-Breaking Application Numbers

    St. Lawrence has surpassed its previous admissions application record for fall 2022 following several successful initiatives focused on reducing barriers to college entry and reimagining a liberal arts education in the 21st century.

  4. A large group of Saint Lawrence University alumni, wearing professional attire, stand in a group holding a scarlet and brown Saint Lawrence University flag.

    Alumni in Action–February 2022

    St. Lawrence graduates have a thirst for knowledge, are innovative problem-solvers, and make their communities, companies, and the world better places. This periodic roundup features Laurentians at the focus of news stories shared by and within their communities.

  5. The brutalist-style library on a snowy northeastern campus at dusk. Lights from inside the library glow warmly.

    First Person: My Lighthouse, The ODY Library

    Emma Arden '22

    At times, I feel I am a ship at sea navigating a tricky coastline. Every assignment I complete is a jagged rock narrowly avoided. Each essay a tumultuous wave forcing a change of direction. With so many obstacles, it seems unavoidable that I would eventually be overwhelmed.

  6. Pamela Thacher, Atal Ahmadzai, Elisa Van Kirk, Peter Ladd, Josh Lanza, Aileen O'Donoghue, Jeff Frank, Melissa Schulenberg.

    St. Lawrence in the News - Feb. 7, 2022

    This regular roundup features a selection of recent mentions of St. Lawrence University and its students, faculty, and staff in regional, national, and international media outlets.

  7. A collage featuring images of five members of the Black Laurentian community.

    Celebrating Black Laurentians

    Passionate campus leaders, creative artists and actors, supportive Community Assistants, and caring students who work to keep the campus community safe; St. Lawrence University celebrates Black History Month by honoring the Laurentians who have a positive impact on our community each day.

  8. A student wearing a black sweater and a white puffy coat stands in front of a sandstone brick building on a sunny, snow-covered winter day.

    First Person: The Power of Alumni Career Mentoring

    Olivia Melvin '23

    “Talk to everyone. Try everything. Take advantage of every unique opportunity the school offers.”

  9. A Saint Lawrence University student holds a petri dish under a large while microscope in a lab. There are two people in the background gathering lab equipment from a cabinet drawer.

    St. Lawrence Launches New Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program

    St. Lawrence University has launched a new post-baccalaureate pre-med program that will support college graduates who have a newfound interest in the medical field or who want a competitive edge in preparing for medical school.

  10. Alessandro Giardino.

    World Languages Professor Publishes Genre Blending Novel

    Associate Professor and Co-Chair of World Languages, Cultures, and Media Alessandro Giardino has published a novel that blends the historical and psychological fiction genres.