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  1. Michael Paulino at the CBS News studios in NYC

    From Fishing to Finance

    By scratching at the surface of alumni 10 years out or less, featured throughout the fall 2022 issue, it seems St. Lawrence graduates can do anything.

  2. A person rides an all terrain bicycle on a dirt trail in the woods.

    Young Alumni at Work: Advocacy in Action

    Laurentians do not seem to shy away from complex challenges, and those working in public policy or advocating for change to enhance the lives of others are part of a growing community of alumni.

  3. Gaby Ferreyra'22 on stage

    Young Alumni at Work: Ending on a High Note

    Laurentians are no strangers to the arts. Whether in fine and visual arts, time-based media, creative writing, or performing arts, each generation has their breakout stars.

  4. Karson Humiston with her Vangst team

    Young Alumni at Work: Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Many Laurentians have used their personal experiences, research, and creativity to build their businesses, carving out new spaces and making room for new ideas.

  5. Young Alumni at Work: Fiscally Responsible

    There is no shortage of experts in the business and finance world who also identify as Laurentians. It is one of the reasons St. Lawrence’s New York City Semester—not limited to finance—can be transformational for those getting a foot in the door. These are just two of the hundreds of examples of young alumni excelling at work and serving as role models for how to keep St. Lawrence competitive in the marketplace.

  6. Young Alumni at Work: Good Sports

    You’ll find young Laurentians competing in the Olympic games. But did you know they’re also coaching at all levels, working in management at the professional level, or using sports to engage underserved communities and expand the love of sports to new audiences?

  7. Young Alumni at Work: The Great Outdoors

    Equally entrepreneurial, there are those Laurentians whose idea of the “office” is hosting a wedding on a classic sailing sloop, sustainably harvesting salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, or digging up delicious potato varietals while restoring North Country soils. The outdoors in every Laurentian is not an accident; these examples show how the business of the outdoors comes with great responsibility.

  8. Evan waiving a Saints scarlet and brown flag at Appleton Arena

    A Pattern of Giving

    Deborah Dudley

    How consistency 
converts to impact for 
the next generation of philanthropists.

  9. President Kathryn A. Morris

    Beyond Outcomes, a Life of Purpose and Meaning

    Kathryn Morris, president

    “When you mentor a St. Lawrence student or recent graduate, you are not only enacting Laurentian Impact yourself but also empowering those who follow.” I recently had the pleasure of meeting Roxanne...

  10. Mary Donohue riding a horse in the 2022 Mongol Derby

    Cold Dorms and Mongolian Deserts

    Deborah Dudley

    The 10-day, 1,000-kilometer adventure of Mary Donohue ’13