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  1. Anthropology Students Present Posters

    Students in ANTH 270 Plagues and Peoples recently showcased their research at an end-of-semester course poster conference.

  2. Brown background with a scarlet stripe running horizontally. The words overlay this scarlet stripe saying "Saint Lawrence in the News" and below those words is the orricial Saint Lawrence university logo.

    St. Lawrence in the News - April 2, 2024

    This regular roundup features a selection of recent mentions of St. Lawrence University and its students, faculty, and staff in regional, national, and international media outlets.

  3. Dr. Haugh's Research in Uganda

    Associate Professor of Anthropology Wendi A Haugh was recently interviewed and featured in a radio story published through "National Public Radio" (NPR) and published by The World. The story titled “...

  4. Dr. Pitre's Research Published

    Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropology Dr. Mindy Pitre is part of team that discovered one of the world’s earliest cases of rheumatoid arthritis in ancient Egypt. Her paper “A case of...

  5. St. Lawrence Flag with the words "Faculty Focus" centered over it.

    Faculty Focus-February 13, 2023

    St. Lawrence faculty put their knowledge into action so students and others are able to benefit from it. Recently, faculty were awarded research grants, were featured in research articles and on the radio, published papers and research articles and much more.

  6. A large group of Saint Lawrence University alumni, wearing professional attire, stand in a group holding a scarlet and brown Saint Lawrence University flag.

    Alumni in Action-October 10, 2023

    St. Lawrence graduates have a thirst for knowledge and are innovative problem-solvers. This periodic roundup features Laurentians who are in the spotlight for making a positive impact on their communities, companies, and the world.

  7. A student and faculty member wear protective equipment while working with lab equipment.

    From Adirondack Glaciers to Bronze-Age Microbiomes, Six Science Research Topics That Kept Fellows Fascinated All Summer

    Every year, inquisitive students spend their summers at St. Lawrence, working alongside faculty mentors and diving deep into the topics that spark their curiosity. Whether in the field or lab, summer research fellowships make it possible for students with an interest in hard sciences—like chemistry, biology, or math—to gain hands-on experience and communicate their findings.

  8. Anthropology Students Take Advantage of Summer Break

    Over the summer, several SLU Anthropology majors took part in various internships and research opportunities. From May 30, 2023 to June 2, 2023, Zoie Lehman ‘24 completed 35 hours of fieldwork at the...