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  1. St. Lawrence Flag with the words "Faculty Focus" centered over it.

    Faculty Focus-February 13, 2023

    St. Lawrence faculty put their knowledge into action so students and others are able to benefit from it. Recently, faculty were awarded research grants, were featured in research articles and on the radio, published papers and research articles and much more.

  2. ENVS3083, Environmental Psychology and Design class

    Environmental Psychology and Design Class Worked with Lisbon Central School for Conceptual Designs of the School’s Courtyard

    Ceyda Onaran Kartal

    Throughout the fall semester Environmental Studies' faculty, Kearney Copland's ENVS-3083, Environmental Psychology and Design, class worked with Lisbon Central School to come up with conceptual designs for the school’s courtyard.

  3. Lori Clark, Abigail Lateer, Leslie Herold, Natalia Singer, Aaron Iverson

    Environmental Studies Combined Major Seniors Finished off the Fall 2023 with Glowing Research Presentations

    Ceyda Onaran Kartal

    Leslie Herold '24 and Abigail Lateer '24 presented their semester-long research projects at Herring Cole to a captive audience.

  4. Photo Collage of 10 faculty members

    Faculty Focus-December 5, 2023

    Faculty members put their knowledge into action so students and others are able to benefit from it. Recently, faculty published journal articles, presented at domestic and international conferences, and much more.

  5. Students with Kate Walker, SLU class of ’01 – Graduated in ENVS

    Environmental Studies Students Presented at NYSAR3 Annual Conference

    Ceyda Onaran Kartal

    Environmental Studies (ENVS) Students, Vivian Zymeck, Alejandra Altimarano Salazar, Valeria Obregon Diaz, Abigail Lateer, and Sharia Neha participated in the NYSAR3 Annual Conference and Tradeshow...

  6. Fall 22 Jefferson County Transfer Station.jpg

    The Taming Trash Field Trips to Facilities

    Ceyda Onaran Kartal

    ENVS faculty, Lori Clark, and her Taming Trash class head to facilities that collect and process municipal solid waste, recycling, and organics for composting, anaerobic digestion, and energy...

  7. "St. Lawrence In The News" text overlaying 2 professors and an image of the town of Canton

    St. Lawrence in the News-October 17, 2023

    This regular roundup features a selection of recent mentions of St. Lawrence University and its students, faculty, and staff in regional, national, and international media outlets.

  8. A large group of Saint Lawrence University alumni, wearing professional attire, stand in a group holding a scarlet and brown Saint Lawrence University flag.

    Alumni in Action-October 10, 2023

    St. Lawrence graduates have a thirst for knowledge and are innovative problem-solvers. This periodic roundup features Laurentians who are in the spotlight for making a positive impact on their communities, companies, and the world.

  9. Alejandra paints a small book of paper that she made. The desk in front of her is cluttered with cutting and painting supplies.

    Sustainable Paper-Making, A Laurentian's World War II Scrapbook, and Sociopolitical Stickers: The Topics That Captivated Research Fellows This Summer

    Every year, inquisitive students spend their summers at St. Lawrence, working alongside faculty mentors and diving deep into the topics that spark their curiosity. Whether in the studio or archives, summer research fellowships allow students interested in the arts and humanities to gain hands-on experience, create something new, and communicate their findings.

  10. Collage of images featuring Ana Maria Spagna, Bob Cowser, and Jeff Maynes with a text field in the bottom of the image, this text field says "Faculty Bookshelf" and includes an image of a stack of books and the Saint Lawrence University Logo.

    Faculty Bookshelf-August 2023

    The creativity and expertise of St. Lawrence faculty is on full display in books enjoyed by scholars and avid readers around the globe. This roundup features St. Lawrence faculty books published within the last several months.