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  1. Photo of Saint Lawrence Female Student wearing a white Saint Lawrence University Crew Neck, staring intently at the three dimensional art piece pertruding from the wall. The photo is taken through the art of her. The artwork is a closeline style display of papers with words hanging.

    Festival of Science, Scholarship and Creativity 2024

    St. Lawrence University buzzed with excitement on Friday, April 26, during the annual Festival of Science, Scholarship, and Creativity . Celebrating a campus-wide tradition that began in 2014, the day held an opportunity to learn from oral and poster presentations by 177 students about their research in a wide variety of fields and appreciate muscial and dance performances as well as the senior art exhibition.

  2. Three people wearing waders, walk behind two happy dogs on a trail after searching for turtles in the woods.

    How a Wildlife Detection Dog and His Student Handlers Are Helping Preserve Rare Turtles

    The river valley is quiet. It’s a sunny day in June, and Evelyn Albrecht ’25 has just given the wildlife detection dog named Newt his search command. Something switches on in the 4-year-old Labrador retriever’s brain. He’s in work mode now, bounding along the river bank in an erratic zig-zag pattern, deploying his stellar snout to sniff out wood turtles and help aid conservation efforts in Rhode Island. 

  3. Alejandra paints a small book of paper that she made. The desk in front of her is cluttered with cutting and painting supplies.

    Sustainable Paper-Making, A Laurentian's World War II Scrapbook, and Sociopolitical Stickers: The Topics That Captivated Research Fellows This Summer

    Every year, inquisitive students spend their summers at St. Lawrence, working alongside faculty mentors and diving deep into the topics that spark their curiosity. Whether in the studio or archives, summer research fellowships allow students interested in the arts and humanities to gain hands-on experience, create something new, and communicate their findings.

  4. Two Saint Lawrence University students, wearing bright green rain coats, squat next to a game camera in the woods and conduct research.

    Nature Up North, A Microcosm of Learning


    For nearly a decade, Nature Up North has connected people to the environment through citizen scientist projects and outdoor adventures. By engaging in hands-on activities and research, the community-based program, funded by support from Laurentians and foundations, has helped many discover the importance of protecting the wild things and places that call the North Country, "home."

  5. In an art gallery, people hold their hands out in front of their faces while they discuss three pieces of artwork painted in yellow, coral, and blue.

    Festival of Science, Scholarship, and Creativity 2023

    From examining global human rights issues and analyzing Adirondack waterways to utilizing 3-D printers, writing fantasy fiction, and showcasing their talents on stage, students' curiosity and creativity were on display at the Festival of Science, Scholarship, and Creativity held on Friday, April 28.

  6. Close-up of the sign outside the State Department, which reads "Department of State" in large sans-serif silver letters in all caps.

    St. Lawrence Announces Coveted Department of State Partnership to Help Shape International Policy

    Starting in the fall of 2023, St. Lawrence students will have a unique opportunity to explore and impact real-world foreign policy issues while working alongside career diplomats.

  7. A group of students, wearing neon construction vests and hard hats, examine a cave.

    Geology Students Embark on Global Adventure to Examine Volcanoes

    Last month, geology majors embarked on a global adventure during a nine-day volcanology excursion to Tenerife, Canary Islands. Students, joined by St. Lawrence geology faculty, including Nagel-Myers and Sarah Brehm, navigated world-class geologic sites and explored historic and pre-historic volcanic systems, guided by experts from GeoTenerife.

  8. Michael Shuckers stands at the front of a classroom and points to a lesson on a marker board.

    NSF Grant Supports a Sporting Approach to Teaching Data Science

    Using part of a $1.2 million grant, St. Lawrence will use sports analytics as an educational tool to develop a series of materials that will prepare the next generation of statisticians and data scientists.

  9. Rosie Gotsch.

    Research Fellow Zones in on Affordable Housing and the Climate Crisis

    As an aspiring architect, Rosie Gotsch ’22 is tuned into global issues affecting the housing market. Inspired by her faculty mentor, she set out to investigate the role zoning regulations play in society and the climate crisis.

  10. EJ Curtis.

    Young Alumni at Work: Searching for Answers

    For all of our alumni, the quest for evidence and answers doesn’t stop after Commencement. Some choose to make this activity a profession. You can find them in the field or the lab, using their talents to communicate the importance of their research and engage others in their work.