Global Economy, Technology & Development | St. Lawrence University Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

Global Economy, Technology & Development

St. Lawrence University offers a Business in the Liberal Arts double major, together with an Economics major and a Global Studies major, which help students understand the functions of markets and other economic and policy-making institutions and their importance for economic and social outcomes by providing students with opportunities to learn and communicate economic ideas through writing, speaking, critical thinking and engaging in independent research. Math, Computer Science and Statistics majors also provide students with training in analytical reasoning, data analysis and are introduced to programming and data structures. This rich background is an increasingly valuable skill for students entering the workforce today. 

Global Economy, Technology & Development are also studied off-campus at these global locations:

Austria: Global economy

China: STEM major,  global economy,  NGO's 

Costa Rica: Eco-Tourism

Czech Republic: Economic transformation

Denmark: Global economy

India: Sustainable agriculture, NGOs, fisheries, Water rights, poverty, service sector

Italy (Rome/Tuscania): Economic transformation

Japan: Technology

Kenya Program: Economic Development, Independent Studies/Internships (open to all majors), NGOs, Unemployment, Foreign investment

London:  Global economy, Unions, Banking, Arts funding. UK Internships possible in media; public relations; event planning; finance; publishing; risk management. 

Spain: Global economy, Historical industrial weakness, Anti-austerity

Thailand: Mekong fisheries,Growth triangles