Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter Information

Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions and among the staffs of qualified non-academic institutions.

Accepting Applications for Fall 2023. Applications are due Sunday, October 1, 2023. Any questions please contact Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins.

PME Honorary Current Membership

Fall 2023 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held October 26, 2023 and 15 new members were accepted.  Congratulations to all! 

Class of 2024: Sarah Bellefleur, Laura Bolduc, Drew Maphey, Alyvia Weegar
Class of 2025: Tanner Bessette, George Charalambous,  Melvin Kanaiza Onguko, Lily Kendall, Lisa Ngayungi, Jack Simack, Molly Van Campen, Yeyuxi Yi
Class of 2026: Charis Bouton, Maya Petterson, Zijian Zhang

Spring 2023 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held March 27, 2023 and 21 new members were accepted.  Congratulations to all! 

Class of 2023: Rae Dunbar, Annie Knapp, Brynn LaPage, Colleen McKernan
Class of 2024: Coles Ames, Jaron Belmore, Alexander Bjersér, Tess Downing, Emily Hereth, Ben Kniskern, Zenani Mabuza, Ben Moolman, Richard O'Keefe, Kristen Varin, Olivia Varricchione, Kobe Villeneuve
Class of 2025: Jason Bergeron, Peyton Hamilton, Jenny Krueger, Norah Kuduk, Allison McCormick

Fall 2022 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held October 24, 2022 and 14 new members were accepted.  Congratulations to all! 

Class of 2023: Jane Baumer, Cora Ferguson, Caleb Hamblen, Olivia Melvin and Masashi Tsutsumi
Class of 2024: Jack Benjamin, Alyssa Bigness, Tyler Karasinski, Alyssa Landry, Ryann Murray, Hailey Quintavalle, Logan Ritchie, Ben Sunshine, Nora Wagner

Pi Mu Epsilon, as is tradition, also inducted new faculty member Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins.

Spring 2022 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathematical honor society, inducted 11 new members on February 24, 2022.  

Class of 2022: Kameron Karwowski, Nicholas Nigro
Class of 2023: Abby Celander, Bennett Cheer, Nika Husinec, Maxwell Mapstone, Trent Meyer, Tyler Millette
Class of 2024: Jack Cowan, Victoria Cubina, Hope Donoghue

Fall 2021 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held October 27, 2021 and 22 new members were accepted.
Class of 2022: Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh, Matt Derouchie, Tali Makovski, Megan McCall, Maddox Ormiston, Liam Reiner, Elisa Sergi, Alyssa Valachovic, Yu Wang
Class of 2023: Jason Angelos, Grace Cicchinelli, Paige Delaney, Michael Goretti, Pierce Jordan, Brianna Lawlor, Brenna McConnell, Pauline “Nini” Nguyen, Cassie Richter
Class of 2024: Dakota “Cody” Bryan, Kailani Lemieux Mack, Sydney Peterson, Autumn Sherman, Kelsea Whitter

Spring 2021 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held virtually March 1, 2021 and 10 new members were accepted. 
Class of 2021: Victoria Bruno, Connor Giltz, Joshua Marvald, Corinna Pilcher
Class of 2022: Karina Bellavia, Malia MacDonald, Brian Seltzer
Class of 2023: Alexandra Hill, Ganesh Petterson, Jack Sylvia
Not in picture Connor Giltz and Corinna Pilcher.

Fall 2020 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held virtually (sorry no picture) October 27, 2020 and 9 new members were accepted.   
Class of 2021:
Mikayla Lathrop
Class of 2022: Caroline Bell, Nick Dintino, Abigail Eberle, William Helm, Kimberly Merchant, Marlee Paterson, Frank Wotton
Class of 2023: Charles Reinhardt

Spring 2020 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held February 26, 2020 and 11 new members were accepted.  
Class of 2020: Laura Edson, Dadley Ogetii, Heinrich Salzmann, Matthew Sullivan
Class of 2021: McKailey Lyndaker, Samuel Thorne
Class of 2022: Stefan Dragicevic, Andrew Dykstra, Schuyler Fuller, Haille Perkins, Eduardo Puerta

Fall 2019 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held October 28, 2019 and 24 new members were accepted.  
Class of 2020: Doug Christiansen, Dhimiter Cobani, Xuanming Cui, Chelsea De Luca, Sean Harrington, Margar Harutyunyan, Haojing Jia, Jedidah Ngarah, Maimaitili Ruze, Conner Shumway, Cheryl Squires.
Class of 2021: Peixuan Cai, Yanru Chen, Callum Cusinato, Ruoya Ding, Hongxi E, Skylar Ratcliffe, Darren Ricalton, Ethan Roberts, Yu Song, Cameron White.
Class of 2022: Brenden Bready, Edward Towers, Siyuan Zhang.

Spring 2019 New Members - Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary was held February 25, 2019 and 14 new members were accepted. 
Class of 2019 - Stefanos Kalamaras, Melissa Murphy, Cole Peterson, Nicole Rosenberg, William Sanford, Nicole Williams, Jessica Young, Yirong Zhu
Class of 2020 - Taylor Armijo, Jake Eriksson
Class of 2021 - Brooks Daley, Charlotte Gregg, Benjamin Kelty, Xin Tao

Inductee Archives are listed at the bottom of this page.

Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Contest Results: Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Spring 2017Spring 2016Spring 2015Spring 2014

Goals  Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. It aims to do so by:

  1. Electing members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathematics.
  2. Engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members.
  3. Taking any other measures which further the purpose stated above.

Organization  Pi Mu Epsilon is a mathematical society consisting of chapters at various approved institutions of learning, and affiliate chapters at approved non-academic institutions. Each such chapter derives its existence either directly from the Act of Incorporation of the society, as in the case of the parent chapter, or from a charter granted in accordance with the constitution of the society by virtue of the powers conveyed in the said Act of Incorporation. The ultimate authority on affairs of the society at large shall rest with the chapters, each chapter having one vote; but the chapters may delegate to the officers, committees, and conventions of the society authority to deal with questions not specifically relegated to the chapters by this constitution.

Requirements  Standards for membership are set by the national organization.  They include

  • A minimum of three math courses, two or more of which are from the 200 level or above. 
  • Sophomores need a 3.75 math average with a 3.4 cumulative overall average.
  • Juniors and seniors need a 3.4 math average with at least a 3.0 overall.
  • Seniors with more than five math credits need a Pi math average with at least a 3.0 overall.

Pledge  "I solemnly promise that I will exert my best efforts to promote true scholarship, particularly in mathematics; and that I will support the objectives of the Pi Mu Epsilon society."

History The Pi Mu Epsilon society was incorporated in 1914 under the laws of the State of New York. This was a sequel to an earlier mathematics club at Syracuse University organized in 1903. St. Lawrence formed a mathematics club called Alpha Mu Gamma which was open to all interested students of mathematics. In June of 1935 the New York Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon was installed at St. Lawrence as the 30th chapter in the country and the 5th in the state. Dr. O. K. Bates and Professor T. Cook were the two faculty members initiated along with eight students that first year. They met jointly with Alpha Mu Gamma upstairs in Carnegie Hall. On May 6, 1939, our chapter sponsored the First Annual Mathematics Contest for high school students. Nine schools participated and Ogdensburg won the Pi Mu Epsilon Interscholastic Cup. The society also sponsors the Pi Mu Epsilon award, given to an outstanding underclass student based on performance in math courses through the sophomore level.

Motto & Insignia   The colors of the society are violet, lavender, and gold.  The seal is round, with the design of the pin raised in the center. The words "Pi Mu Epsilon, Incorporated" are inscribed about the edge. The flower is a violet. The shield is divided into four parts: in the upper right hand corner is the design of a violet; in the lower right, a summation sign; in the upper left is an integral sign; and in the lower left, three stars representing society, morality, and scholarship. Just above the shield proper, the pin is represented, and below is the Greek motto, which is "To promote Scholarship and Mathematics"

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