Major and Minor Degree Requirements

The department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics offers a range of programs designed to prepare individuals for a wide variety of future activities.  For instance, students interested in math education could pair a Mathematics major with an Education minor, while those planning to go into business or finance frequently choose the Math-Econ combined major.  Students who wish to pursue advanced degrees can tailor their Math or Computer Science major to include all the necessary upper level courses.  Individuals majoring in other disciplines often find appealing the training in analytical reasoning afforded by a Mathematics minor, or appreciate the introduction to programming and data structures supplied by a Computer Science minor.  Finally, the background in data analysis provided by a Statistics minor is an increasingly valuable skill for students entering the workforce today.

Detailed requirements for each course of study are available via the links below.  Students are also encouraged to consult with their advisers and to check the course catalog as they plan their course schedules.

Course enrollments in the department of Math, CS and Stats are among the highest at St. Lawrence University.  As a result, a significant percentage of students include a major or minor from the department.  We keep an updated list of all current declared majors and minors.