Engineering Combined Programs

St. Lawrence offers combined programs with engineering programs at Columbia, Dartmouth, Clarkson, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The student starts his or her journey at St. Lawrence and completes it at another institution, and has degrees from both schools to show for it.

Engineers in today’s world need the strong communication and critical thinking skills students are taught in virtually all of St. Lawrence’s programs. At St. Lawrence students typically major in either Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry, though other options are possible. At the partner engineering institution the student pursues an engineering discipline of their choice, such as Mechanical, Biomedical, Civil, Environmental, Chemical, or Electrical Engineering. 

Engineering Combined students have gone on to successful careers at many Fortune 500 Companies including GE, IBM, and General Dynamics as well as public sector institutions such as The United States Air Force, and Oak Ridge National Lab. Many Engineering Combined graduates have continued on to graduate school or pursued a more entrepreneurial path by joining small startups.