Munir Pirbhai

Assistant Professor Physics Department

Ph.D. - Physics
   University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

B.S. - Physics
   Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

Munir Pirbhai

Dr. Munir Pirbhai research is related to polarized light. He investigates why materials affect the polarization of light. Lately, he has been looking into using polarized light for medical diagnosis.

Dr. Pirbhai has been teaching in the St. Lawrence Physics department since 2015. 

Fall 2022 Courses:

  • Phys 103L: College Physics with Lab
  • Phys 221L: Lab for Modern Physics
  • Phys 317: Instrumentation Lab
  • Phys 489/498: SYE Advanced Laboratory/Honors Research

Spring 2022 Courses:

  • Phys 152: University Physics with Lab
  • Phys 152L: Lab for University Physics
  • Phys 222L: Lab for Modern Physics
  • Phys 452: Seminar in Contemporary Physics

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