Cool Things our Faculty are Doing

Kevin Angstadt

Kevin is working on software to keep drones aloft (or land softly) when under attack.

Maegan Bos

Maegan recently did a senior seminar on French mathematicians, culminating in a trip to Paris over spring break, and is looking forward to doing that again!  In the spring of 2023, she directed the Bordeaux Program in France and recently published a Calculus book: Yet another Calculus book. 

Jessica Chapman

Jessica is doing research on using tree rings and driftwood to measure the effects of climate change. 

Ed Harcourt

Ed is consulting with a company that is investigating fingerprint technology.

Matt Higham

Matt just published work on estimation of the size of Moose populations and developed open source software for this and similar tasks. Here is a link to his personal webpage.

Duncan Melville

Duncan does research in Mesopotamian mathematics. He is one of the few scholars allowed to see and study certain ancient tablets.

Choong-Soo Lee

Choong-Soo created a lab to study video games.  Out of this grew an eSports team that is now one of our varsity sports.

Patti Lock

Patti recently taught a senior seminar on Math and Social Justice. She is one of the authors of the Harvard Calculus book series in addition to being an author on a leading Intro Stats book.

Robin Lock

Robin has won every major statistics education award and is an author on a leading Intro Stats book, in addition to countless applets in R.

Dan Look

Dan has been researching stylometry and has done several projects with students using this to infer authorship from writing styles.

Ivan Ramler

Ivan has been working on modeling and visualizing COVID locally.

Michael Schuckers

Schuckers is working on statistical methods for testing differences among groups in biometrics performance. He also does extensive work on the analysis of National Hockey League data.

Lisa Torrey

Lisa recently chaired the 11th Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intellegence.