Data Analytics 4+1 with Clarkson University

The MS Data Analytics degree is particularly well suited to the needs of graduates who have had previous education in the areas of mathematics and science.  The program provides guidance to prospective students in selecting the equivalent foundation courses prior to completing their undergraduate degree programs.  In this way, an individual can complete work for the MS Data Analytics Program at Clarkson University in only one academic year of additional study.

The 4 + 1 Plan

St. Lawrence and Clarkson have cooperated in establishing a program, which guides students in planning their undergraduate programs to include courses that serve as a foundation for graduate work in data analytics.  St. Lawrence graduates who have completed the foundation courses and meet the prescribed admission standards will gain admission to the MS Data Analytics Program. 

The 4 + 1 Plan offers the graduate an opportunity to plan his/her academic program carefully and take advantage of the total educational experience afforded by full-time study for the MS Data Analytics degree with a minimum of additional expense and time.  After five years of college study, the graduate will have obtained both an undergraduate degree from St. Lawrence and MS Data Analytics from Clarkson.

Foundation Courses

All applicants must complete foundation course requirements prior to commencing their MS Data Analytics program at Clarkson.  Students at St. Lawrence should endeavor to complete the foundation courses as part of their undergraduate program if possible. Any or all of these requirements can also be completed at Clarkson University in the summer preceding the start of the Clarkson MS Data Analytics program during the Summer pre-MS Program or at another institution with prior approval.

The foundation requirements include satisfactory completion of foundation preparation in three areas: Calculus, Mathematical Statistics, and Programming Fundamentals.  The following table indicates the courses available to undergraduates at St Lawrence that have been approved for satisfying the foundation requirements.

Clarkson University
Foundation Requirements

St. Lawrence University
Course Equivalents


MA 381, STAT 382, MA 383

STAT 113, 325, and 326

Calculus I


MATH 135, and 136


CS 141, EE 261, IS 237

CS 140, and 219

Admission Procedure

Preliminary inquiries concerning programs, admission, and financial aid may be made at any time and should be addressed to the Director of the Data Analytics Program at Clarkson.  As soon as possible after completion of the third year of undergraduate study, applicants should obtain, complete, and submit an official "Clarkson University Application for Admission and Assistance for Graduate Study" form.  All application forms, transcript(s), essays, resume, GRE/GMAT test scores and references, should be sent to the Director of the Data Analytics Program at Clarkson University.