Research Grant

Independent Travel/Research Grants are intended to support students who wish to pursue independent study and research, to be conducted off-campus on international or intercultural topics.  These grants support projects which require additional time outside the calendar of an off-campus program. Applicants should plan to stay on after completing an off-campus program or to travel independently to a site. Proposals normally support independent study that is grounded in prior academic course work; normally the fruits of this independent study will contribute to subsequent academic work on campus.

Research involving human participants must be authorized by the Institutional Review Board, St. Lawrence's legally mandated ethics committee that reviews all research with human participants. If you wish to interview people or conduct surveys of certain populations, you MUST have approval from the IRB. 

In developing a proposal for either kind of grant, students should consult with a faculty or staff member who will advise, review the final draft of the proposal, and write a recommendation about the student and the proposal. Students applying for Independent Travel/Research Grants must also make an appointment to discuss their proposal with a staff person at CIIS.  Preference for enrichment and for independent research grants goes to those who have not previously received a grant through CIIS.  

Applications are due on April 5th for Fall and Academic Year programs. Applications are due on November 5th for Spring programs. 

Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on International and Intercultural Studies and decisions announced about two weeks after the deadline.

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