Courses Preparing Students for Study in India

Below is a list of courses recommended (but not required) to fulfill the course pre-requisite for study in India:

AAH/ASIA 218: Arts of South Asia (Fall)

AAH/ASIA 212: Icons of Islamic Architecture (Spring)

AAH/ASIA 319: Gender Issues in Asian Art (Spring)

GOVT/ASIA 105: Comparative Politics** (only the section taught by Grace Huang - fall & spring)

GOVT323/ASIA 323: Beyond the Great Wall (Fall)

HIST/ASIA 105: Early Asian Civilizations (Fall) 

HIST/ASIA 106: Modern Asia (Spring)

MUS/ASIA 210: Musics of the World** (must be with David Henderson fall & spring)

PHIL/ASIA 103: Philosophy East and West: An Introduction. (Fall & Spring)

PHIL/ASIA 223: Asian Philosophy (Fall)